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Doug Bewsher


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Despite the best intentions, some things are just not meant to be.

So it is with the Leadspace Radius merger. We have decided not to proceed with the proposed merger, and both companies will pursue their own markets and paths forward.

Merger aside, we have continued to see strong momentum in our business. For the first half of the year we have seen our best ever revenue growth by far.  We have also added incredible new customers such as SAP and Splunk, continued to see growth with our existing customers, and added data and execution partners.

To what do we attribute the growth? To the increasing recognition by B2B companies that they need a Customer Data Platform. For B2B companies, this means a data-agnostic platform which brings together many different data sources at the company- and individual-level, drives recommendations, insights and a single source of truth through AI, and then has a single point of integration into multiple executions systems (CRM, MAP, Ads etc).

Leadspace pioneered this space when we launched our Audience Management Platform two years ago. We continue to see great success with customers as they both simplify their data management processes and bring additional data driven insights and recommendations into their activities. Whether driving an ABM strategy, a content marketing / inbound lead driven strategy, or outbound prospecting, the right data and insights deployed into systems of engagement is typically the first step in any company’s success. Expect to see a lot more on this category over the coming months — from analysts like Forrester, Gartner and Sirius, as well as others in adjacent categories like Engagio.

We look forward to working with you to develop, build and lead this category as we continue our mission to help B2B sales and marketing teams drive a new level of engagement, targeting and resulting revenue for their organizations.

Doug Bewsher