Salesforce Study: Less Complexity, Better Integrations and Immediate Cost Reductions

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Pulse and Salesforce surveyed 500 IT leaders across the globe to find out 7 trends and the best practices that are reshaping IT. How are they navigating the data security complexities and pushing forward on their digital transformation goals? What are their winning strategies for retaining talent and resources? And how do they drive innovation across their verticals?

Let’s consider 3 of the top IT challenges and next steps they reported for 2022:

  • Securing IT and customer privacy.
  • Accelerating digital transformation.
  • Integrating data.

This Salesforce study finds security and privacy have replaced transformation as the top priority of IT managers. Additionally, 34% plan to consolidate their tech stack into fewer vendors and 72% aim to use no-code/low technology to enable digital transformation across their business – including 50% of marketing departments. Unsurprisingly, AI and automation transformation investments are a priority for 63% of these IT teams. 

At Leadspace we see this kind of advanced thinking every day amongst our customers. In terms of advanced profiling, 3 of the top 5 most recognized software vendors in the world have seen data procurement, processing and hygiene cost reductions of 30-70% on an annual basis after implementing Leadspace. 

For insights and behavioral-based targeting, the top electrical component manufacturer in the world saw a 36% reduction in cost per lead (CPL), and a 57% increase in click-through rates (CTR), as measured by an independent third-party on an annual basis after implementing Leadspace’s AI-driven propensity and predictive analytics models.

By leveraging our embedded third-party data you can achieve accurate and actionable data throughout your stack and cut your overall data procurement costs in half through the consolidation of data vendors. Our profiling and scoring engine curates the top 30+ B2B data sources and organizes 70+ million companies, 240+ million buying centers and 280+ million people into hierarchical profiles so you don’t have to. Our enrichment approach optimizes records and makes them actionable within the components of your existing marketing technology stack. This replaces your regular external firmographics augmentation and intent signal purchases with more accurate scoring – again, at half the cost.

Leadspace customers leverage tens of thousands of real-time buying signals and AI Analytics to build and operationalize their companies’ Total Addressable Market (TAM) and Ideal Customer Profile (ICP) amplified by fit, intent and engagement scoring models. They’re able to do all of this from a single source of truth, within an integrable point-and-click platform, optimized to save on licenses, high skill resources, and custom implementations – all while quickly reducing their data integration technical debt.

Sales and marketing teams use the Leadspace platform to give them a competitive edge in determining who their best customers are, understanding their whitespace opportunities, and in turn, dramatically improving the effectiveness of their sales and marketing programs.

Are you interested in knowing how Microsoft, Salesforce, Oracle, IBM, CISCO or Zoom amongst other industry leaders are doing this? Get started with Leadspace

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