Leadspace: The CDP That’s Actually Ready to Use

Leadspace Identity Resolution

If you’re involved in enterprise-level B2B sales and marketing, you know that in order to compete, you’ll need a Customer Data Platform (CDP) to maintain the massive amount of buyer data that goes into data-driven decision making. If you’re still trying to decide which CDP is best for your company, you’re in luck, because Forrester has been evaluating and scoring your options to help you figure it out! In Forrester’s The B2B Customer Data Platform Landscape, Q3 2023 report, their analysts explored the B2B CDP landscape and key factors that would go into their evaluation. In their 29-criterion evaluation of B2B customer data platform (CDP) providers, they would research, analyze and score the most significant current solutions available. One of those factors they suggest you consider when choosing a CDP is whether or not that solution is actually ready to be used by your sales and marketing teams.

In their CDP Landscape report, Forrester’s analysts explained that, “Although still a fairly new addition to the revenue technology stack, B2B CDPs have made significant strides to set and stabilize their place as the customer data solution. B2B CDPs have evolved into an established market that… pushes successful vendors to focus on UI improvements and adoption. Leading B2B CDP vendors understand that a successful sales and marketing tool is one that sellers and marketers can use. Although a B2B CDP deals with complex functions like data management, identification resolution, and journey orchestration, requiring an advanced technical or data science skill set to perform foundational functions creates adoption friction points and limits the tool’s overall efficiency gains, lowering its perceived value.”

Unlike most CDPs available, Leadspace is actually ready to use out of the box. Your salespeople and marketers can immediately access our user-friendly interface to explore your Total Addressable Market (TAM), discover leads/contacts, find lookalike companies, create and activate segments, and leverage our 30+ embedded sources to enrich buyer profiles across hierarchies. With Leadspace, no downloads, coding, or training are necessary to gain significant business insights. To unlock the full potential of our Revenue Radar, of course, you will need to discover your ICP and build models off of your first-party data – luckily, our team is here to walk you through that part of the process.

Don’t believe it’s that easy? Just ask Forrester! Check out their new wave, The Forrester Wave™: B2B Customer Data Platforms, Q4 2023, where Leadspace is one of only two platforms to score a solid 5 out of 5 in Implementation and Professional Services. When we say Leadspace is ready to use, we mean it. 

What are the hallmarks of a best-in-class execution and implementation of a CDP?

  • Using the full range of offerings: Data Management, Recommendations (Models/Scoring), and Activations (Salesforce, Marketo, etc.)
  • Having very clear process in place already (or in progress)
  • Having a team that is able to manage, analyze, are savvy, and can make adjustments based on tests and experience
  • Have very clear initiative and goals that a CDP can help with vs. please just fix my messed up data (until it gets messed up again)

Don’t forget to read through Forrester’s entire report to see how Leadspace measures up against leading CDP vendors in every category (pay special attention to Identity Resolution & Profiles). Customer Data Platforms are here to help and we’re here to stay. Hop on the fastest road to revenue—with clicks, not code—today! Talk to us.