Optimizing Account Hierarchy with Leadspace’s Lead-to-Account Matching Maximizes Sales & Marketing Efficiency

Leadspace b2b customer data platform

Lead-to-Account Matching is an often overlooked capability of Customer Data Platforms. Depending upon volume, routing complexity, and the response time required in your GTM system, seemingly small errors in your pipeline can snowball into serious distractions and missed opportunities.

Accurate lead-to-account matching is critical to response times in today’s GTM funnel.  It provides a clearer understanding of your customers by ensuring leads and contacts are matched to the right accounts. Without an effective matching system, lead routing and qualifications suffer, and friction between your Sales and Marketing teams increases, and account-based marketing becomes impossible. Doing this manually is time-consuming, cumbersome, inefficient, and prone to errors that can manifest into much bigger problems down the line.

With Leadspace’s Lead-to-Account Matching capabilities, you can execute intelligent ABM, route leads faster and more accurately, and engage with the right people, at the right companies, at the right time, with the right campaigns, by automatically connecting accounts to leads with a higher degree of accuracy than ever before!

Leadspace lead-to-account matching is much more accurate than other matching solutions because we’re not an ABM or data point solution – we’re a Customer Data Platform (CDP), built on the most robust and open B2B data engine on the planet. Our CDP combines unrivaled 3rd-party data coverage with proprietary AI-based person-level profiling and custom personas, all via direct integrations into your existing Sales and Marketing channels. We match leads to accounts with a real-time, 360-degree view of every person and company. That’s why Leadspace constantly outperforms point solutions that rely solely on 1st party data for matching, for example from email address domains.

Leadspace’s account profiling enables you to conduct accurate TAM analysis with data on industries, revenues, and account hierarchies from a sales and marketing perspective. This is different from the way most data vendors look at account hierarchies. They typically focus on the financial and legal structure of the account while we focus on the buying teams and key decision makers.

You need a reliable way to identify the connections between entities. Too often this work is left to sales and marketing to try and carry out manually or is attempted using some type of third party vendor. If you can’t accurately determine a company’s parent or partner companies and the person responsible for making purchasing decisions, it becomes difficult and time-consuming to connect with the right leads and accounts.

How it Works

So let’s get into the details. Our platform can cluster, unify, link, and dedupe company & person identities originating from any data source. Using primarily proprietary AI-based classifiers, we fully unify a record while maintaining data integrity and custom business rules including validation and normalization. We offer real-time, on-demand, and scheduled sync of unified profiles for data management objectives. Profiles can be synced to any activation channel.

The platform is data agnostic and ingests both structured and unstructured 1st and 3rd party data in the backend as well as through our Studio (our self-service UI). Integrations are supported via native apps, REST API, and SFTP. Unification logic is customizable by our clients via the UI and customer service requests.

We support the typical first-party sources (and more!) including CRM, ERP, web analytics, MAP, product usage, and CSX data. Approximately 30 third-party sources provide firmographics, demographics, technographic, and intent data. Additional custom sources can be added upon request. We offer both real-time, scheduled and on-demand ingestion, unification and segmentation workflows for data management. The segments and profiles are persisted and can be synced to any channel for activation.

Lead-to-Account Matching is sometimes an overlooked capability in CDPs. Depending upon the volume, the complexity of routing and the response time required in your GTM system, small errors can mean a lot of distraction or lost deals by your reps. After working with lots of large B2B accounts, we’ve found that not all profiles require the same number of sources for complete profiles used in matching, routing and scoring. For account profiles, we’ve found that 80% of records have between three and eight data sources. And for people or contacts, nearly 95% of records have 8-10 data sources. So it’s important to consider the ability to normalize all of that data into a coherent profile. Our multisource matching does just this!

Finally we take the data and integrate it with our B2B Buyer Data Graph. This creates a customer-specific B2B Graph with multi-source validation — 70M+ companies, 240M+ Buying Centers, 280M people from 30+ curated third party data sources and a broad array of first party data. This is one of the unique capabilities that differentiates Leadspace from other B2B CDPs.

Top benefits of lead-to-account matching

Sales-Marketing Alignment: Ensure leads are routed to the correct account owners, reducing a common source of Sales-Marketing friction. Leads that Marketing spent time and resources to obtain are less likely to be ignored, and Sales is happy that Marketing is providing qualified accounts.

Account Penetration: Sales and Marketing also need to know which individuals to engage within their target accounts. Lead-to-account matching helps ensure accounts are populated with the right people.

Visible Engagement: It takes numerous touch points over several different individuals to close a deal. Lead-to-account matching provides visibility into sales and marketing engagements with all parties at the account level; for example, who’s downloading content from your website, or who responded to an SDR email. Connecting the different engagements across the account in this way helps you guide prospects through the buyer journey, via more targeted, personalized follow-ups.

Customer Experience: Create a smoother, more personalized customer experience, by knowing the full context of the individual you’re talking to. Having multiple reps contacting different people at the same company, or obsolete information on where a particular person is working, can cause a lot of frustration for everyone!

Sales Efficiency: Remove obstacles to Sales efficiency, like cluttered CRM data, multiple account owners and account duplication. In most CRMs, leads and contacts are separate, while only contacts are associated with accounts. This can cause duplication of accounts if the SDR or Sales rep doesn’t know that there’s already an existing account that the lead is associated with. With lead-to-account matching, you can see if the lead belongs to a new or existing account, and the right customer and internal stakeholders who might already be involved.

Don’t let leads die prematurely – ensure they end up where they need to be! Find out how Leadspace’s Lead-to-Account Matching capabilities can improve your pipeline and significantly boost your Sales & Marketing efforts’ ROI (and much more) by scheduling a customized Leadspace demo, including a Data Health & Pipeline Impact Report

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