Getting Robbed by Data Vendors? Get Best-in-Class B2B Buyer Profiles for 50% Less!

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As B2B marketers, our goal is to deliver effective campaigns targeted at the best opportunities that exist within our Total Addressable Market (TAM) – at the lowest possible cost. This involves identifying our Total Addressable Market (TAM), developing our Ideal Customer Profile (ICP), and then comparing our ICP throughout our TAM to determine which opportunities to focus on. Doing this successfully starts with creating complete, accurate, dynamic, and unified profiles of people, accounts and buying centers so we can properly prioritize and target opportunities with data-driven insurance that we’re delivering the right message to the right people at the right time.

Unfortunately, building robust buyer profiles is a complex, cumbersome process – and it usually isn’t cheap. As we all know, buying signals come in many shapes and from many sources. Which information do we trust when there’s a discrepancy between two or more sources? Buying data from multiple vendors, unifying it, updating it and manually checking its accuracy is an extensive process. At minimum, we’ll be making one-time purchases of firmographic, technographic, and intent data separately. Even once we have all the data in our hands, putting it to use is a significant challenge. Preparing and blending all that data from different sources by hand is an extensive, time-consuming process. By the time we’ve put it all together, a portion of the data will already be out of date. The process is riddled with human error, blank cells, and outdated information. Traditional demand and ABM approaches leave us with siloed data, stagnant profiles, and the inability to support all opportunities within an account at scale.

In the olden days of marketing – aka ten years ago – it used to be okay to do an annual data update because there were less acquisitions and job changes. That’s not the case today. People and companies change constantly. Companies make acquisitions, people change jobs, and intentions are dynamic. This means your buyer’s data changes every day – but does your database reflect that? Is the data you use to drive your business as accurate as the day you procured it? Data decay is an issue that every company must face at some point. Email marketing databases, for example, naturally degrade by approximately 23% every year according to Hubspot. While the degree of decay is not yet fully understood, our response to it can greatly mitigate the effects the decay will have on our organizations’ successful use of data to drive decisions. Operating from accurate, complete data is critical to making successful data-driven decisions. Yes, your data will decay over time, but how you deal with its decay will determine its value to your company’s overall success in our increasingly data-centric economy. Ultimately, legacy approaches to building B2B buyer profiles are error-prone, expensive, and time consuming.

There’s an old saying in business consultation, “fast, cheap and good – pick any two.” So, what’s the solution? Pick all three with Leadspace Profiling. With Leadspace Profiling, you can leverage unrivaled third-party account and person data, from 30+ leading B2B data sources (70 million companies, 240 million buying centers, 280 million contacts). Leadspace will automatically ingest and unify first- and third-party data for account context and prioritization. We’ll automatically generate full account profiles including hierarchies, firmographics, technographics, weekly intent, and mobile contacts. This includes weighted cross signal analysis so you can trust the data is being pulled from the most accurate source. Generally, our customers save over 50% on data costs through a combination of eliminating data purchases and better leveraging their existing data service vendors, and can automate the cumbersome, error-prone processes most data users endure today. Here’s how we recommend you do it with Leadspace Profiling.

Align your Sales & Marketing Teams with Account & Contact Profiles.

Step #1: Enrich both your CRM and Marketing Automation Platforms in hours. Use our enrichment APIs to directly connect to our award-winning B2B customer data platform.

Step #2: Unify your first- and third-party profiles with Leadspace. Our award-winning Customer Data Platform integrates, normalizes and matches profiles with existing accounts.

Step #3: Enrich your Inbound lead flow in real-time, with unrivaled third-party data coverage. Leadspace goes far beyond basic firmographic data like company size, industry and revenue, to include more granular information like installed technologies, account intent, contact/company expertise, and much more.

Step #4: Discover new Account and Contact Profiles with the Leadspace Studio to create new sales and marketing campaign segments — aligned to your TAM and territories.

Organize the right leads & contacts within those accounts.

Step #1: Enrich your lead & contact data with unrivaled third-party data coverage, for a complete view of every individual person within your target accounts. Leadspace goes far beyond basic person-level data like job title, to include highly useful information like persona-based scores, specific job roles & responsibilities, what technologies they use, expertise, specialties, and much more.

Step #2: Match leads to accounts with Leadspace lead-to-account matching. (Our unrivaled data coverage means our match consistently outperforms point solutions that rely solely on questionable first-party data for matching, like email address domains only.)

Step #3: Create High Quality Buyer Profile Segments, for comprehensive coverage of the key decision-makers and influencers within each account. Use AI to create customized personas, or select from Leadspace’s vast persona library. Like our data, Leadspace custom personas aren’t based on superficial criteria like job titles— they’re built by analyzing the “DNA” of your best customers, which includes a vast range of criteria.

Profile Better: Guided Operations. (Identity Resolution, Lead-to-Account Matching)

  • Utilize our B2B data unification and buying expertise to build closeable unified profiles. We’ve critically evaluated, selected and curated the industry’s best third-party company and people data sources in the world. Then we unify these profiles with your first-party data to fuel your business and your B2B Buyer Graph.
  • Add the personal touch to your unified profiles. Create the best buyer profiles at the individual level by using personal demographics and buying behaviors from social signals and interests to assign personas instead of nondescript job titles.
  • Route better with the industry’s best lead-to-account matching from Leadspace. Our AI-powered engine enriches and scores leads in real time with firmographic, hierarchy, intent and propensity data to intelligently fuel the most sophisticated lead management scenarios.

Leverage the Leadspace CDP to enrich, unify and deduplicate your data.

Leadspace supports the maintenance of your data quality. Leadspace can unify multiple siloed CRM and Marketing Automation instances into a single dataset, removing the guesswork that may be necessary to do this manually – effectively consolidating and tackling multiple complex processes with a simple point-and-click function. Unification allows you to verify, dedupe, enrich and cleanse CRM & Marketing Automation data with firmographics, and demographic data, and even leverage AI intent and propensity models for true data-driven insights. Additionally, you can upload those records directly into your CRM or Marketing Automation tool to ensure consistency in data across your entire MarTech landscape.

To put it bluntly, we know you’re always looking for a way to do more with less, and we’d like to offer you a way to do a lot more with a lot less. If you give us 30 minutes of your time, we’ll show you how we can replace all of your current data vendors for less than half of the price you’re spending on them all today. We are sure that we can do all of this for 50% of what you currently spend your on firmographic, technographic, and intent data alone:

  • Firmographic, technographic, intent data
  • 30+ embedded 3rd-party sources
  • Multi-source unification & curation
  • Full ICP & TAM discovery and exploration
  • Profiles for people, companies & buying centers
  • Cross-signal analysis with confidence scores
  • Active profiles – continuously updated
  • Data Health Reports and TAM analytics
  • Best Lead-to-Account Matching
  • Segment activation and deployment
  • Full enrichment across 200+ fields
  • Full CRM and MAP integrations

The breadth of our embedded third-party data is best-in-class. Our data comes pre-blended and is automatically updated. No more siloed data! Your sales, marketing and product teams can all operate in alignment off of the same data. When someone switches jobs or a company is acquired, everyone will see it be reflected in their respective buyer profiles. So, if you’re sick of spending a fortune on data and you want something much better, let’s talk. If you’d like to learn more about Leadspace Profiling, take a look at the Leadspace product sheet to see how Leadspace’s CDP solution can modernize and optimize your B2B marketing approach.

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