Leadspace Earned 9 Awards by G2 Across Multiple Categories in Fall 2023 Report!

G2 Badges for Fall 2023

Today, we’re excited to report that Leadspace has once again achieved numerous awards from G2 in 2023. We earned eight new G2 high performer badges across three categories: Customer Data Platforms; Sales Intelligence; and Lead Routing in the Enterprise Grid Reports and the Enterprise Americas Regional Grid Reports for Fall 2023. In addition, Leadspace was again awarded the highest Quality of Support product rating as well as the Easiest Doing Business With in the Lead Scoring category. Quarterly, G2 highlights the top rated solutions in the industry, as chosen by the source that matters most: customer feedback to questions asked in reviews for G2’s reports. 

About Leadspace

Leadspace DriveTM is a top Customer Data Platform (CDP) solution which specializes in building best-in-class dynamic B2B buyer profiles across your Total Addressable Market (TAM) at the person, company, and buying center level – all at the lowest possible cost with Leadspace Profiling. Industry leading companies buy us for our robust data graph of 30+ of the top data sources pre-embedded into our system – but they love us for our models! Our Revenue RadarTM applies unique, multifaceted AI models for company Fit, Intent, and Persona across your dynamic buyer profiles to score them and determine which of them are the right companies, then which of them are the ready companies, and then which of their people are the right people. Add in your engagement scores to see which of those right people are the ready people, and you know who the absolute best customers are for competitive strategic investment. 

With Revenue RadarTM our four-signal AI targeting narrows the target by focusing on companies with a 2X, 6X or even 12X chance of closing. Leadspace takes the guesswork out of B2B revenue for companies like Microsoft, Salesforce and Gong by targeting the fewest number of companies with the highest odds of closeable business. 

More than 25 thousand sales and marketing professionals use the Leadspace Drive platform to build and operationalize their total addressable market (TAM), identify their ideal customer profile (ICP) and optimize their campaigns with fit, intent and persona models. Sales and marketing teams use Leadspace to give them a competitive edge so they know who their best customers are, understand their whitespace opportunities, and can dramatically improve the effectiveness of their sales and marketing programs.

Our Awards

Americas Sales Intelligence: Enterprise High Performer – Fall 2023

Enterprise Sales Intelligence: High Performer – Fall 2023

Customer Data Platform: High Performer – Fall 2023

Americas Customer Data Platform: Enterprise High Performer – Fall 2023

Enterprise Customer Data Platform: High Performer – Fall 2023

Enterprise Lead Scoring: High Performer – Fall 2023

Enterprise Lead Scoring: Easiest To Do Business With – Fall 2023

Enterprise Lead Scoring: Best Support – Fall 2023

Users Love Us – Fall 2023

*This report is based on ratings by business professionals. Leadspace received user reviews and responses for each of the relationship-related questions to qualify for inclusion in the results index.

What Customers are Saying About Us

G2 reviewers recognize Leadspace for its superior solution with notable recent feedback from enterprise customers including 

  • Leadspace helps with ABM motion.
  • With Leadspace analytics I discovered new opportunities.
  • Allows me to find the most detailed, accurate and consolidated buyer profile details.

“Our customers are the most important part of our business. Hearing from them validates that Leadspace products are unrivaled in the industry,” said Marge Breya, President of Leadspace. “With Leadspace, sales and marketing teams prioritize and laser target the accounts and buyers who are both most likely and ready to buy their product. Our customers see results.”


Simply put, it’s no surprise that Leadspace is earning awards! Having achieved so much as such a small company within our industry, we owe it all to our product. Our product already speaks for itself, but we can’t wait to show the world what we’re cooking up next. None of our competitors have the secret sauce that Leadspace does, and with more and more people starting to recognize and experience our product, we fully expect to see game-changing exponential growth in the near future. Our goal is to be the single source of truth for B2B sales and marketing teams. We’re so proud of our team for all that Leadspace has accomplished, and we cannot wait to see how many badges we earn this time next year! 

Of course, we especially want to thank the people over at G2 for all of their hard work, wonderful platform, great communication, and this amazing opportunity they’ve given us to evaluate our product and provide such valuable feedback. We look forward to using it to improve our product. Thanks, G2!

To sum it all up, not everyone wants or needs your product – but you can find the ones who do with Leadspace (and you can trust that we have the best support and are the easiest to do business with) – just ask G2.

To learn more about what Leadspace users have to say or leave a review, visit G2’s Leadspace review page. For more information about Leadspace, please visit www.leadspace.com, connect with us on LinkedIn, Facebook and follow us on Twitter. Come see what makes Leadspace Drive the fastest road to revenue today.