How to Choose a B2B Customer Data Platform. Walking the Walk Through Our Execution Roadmap.

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Keeping your word is arguably one of the most accurate measures of integrity and gives insight into the level of trust someone can put in you – the same goes for companies. However, when it comes to companies, especially within the B2B technology industry, carrying out a plan to deliver a promise and meet customer expectations involves a much more complex process than an individual takes to follow through on a promise. It involves intricate thought and consideration into determining what you can realistically accomplish and what it will take to execute, achieve, and deliver a promise on time. When vendors fail to deliver, trust with that vendor is broken. In B2B, if a vendor fails to deliver, then their customers often won’t be able to deliver on their promises to their customers. This is why it’s especially important for B2B consumers to work with vendors that do what they say, and say what they do.

Not all CDP providers have the same execution roadmap. It’s important to compare each solution’s roadmap so you can know what to realistically expect from them. Consider leading research and advisory companies like Forrester, who recently published The Forrester New Wave™: B2B Standalone CDPs, Q4, 2021 in which they evaluated and ranked the top 14 B2B CDP solutions.

In evaluating each B2B CDP’s execution roadmap, Forrester looked at the product enhancements, innovations, and expansions each organization is planning over the next one to two years, then they examined how each organization’s product vision & roadmap will enhance its ability to serve target accounts. We’re proud to say that Forrester differentiated Leadspace’s Execution Roadmap as a leader among competitors – so let’s take a quick look at Leadspace’s Execution Roadmap!

Overall, our design point is to provide end users, applications and business processes with a breathtaking UX powered by the world’s most comprehensive, reliable, scalable, extensible and trusted B2B Graph. Our 12-month plan is to expand the end-user experience with dynamic Profile360 views, advanced self-service data unification and new sales and marketing analytics. Our B2B Graph is at the core of the unification and mapping process and will be continuously expanded with 3rd party data and customized with first party data across verticals and horizontals – with a focus on even broader coverage and proprietary account hierarchies. Our 24-month plan is focused on sales and marketing AI-driven profiling, planning, campaigning and closing workflow automation, self-service studio and algorithm enhancements. 

To summarize, Leadspace’s Execution Roadmap is not only ambitious, expansive, and in-line with the needs of B2B CDP users – it’s realistic! To learn more about the benefits of implementing a CDP, and to see how Leadspace compares to other B2B CDPs in all 10 evaluated categories (and is ranked overall in the Forrester Wave), check out The Forrester New Wave™: B2B Standalone CDPs, Q4, 2021. Just because we’re a leading CDP solution doesn’t mean we’re stopping there – take your close rates to the next level with Leadspace’s CDP and grow your business with us!