Service and Support Terms

Support Availability

  • Platform Availability of at least 98%. Availability will be measured on monthly basis. Any failure to meet the minimum platform availability will result in 3 days extension to the agreement term. The term “Availability” means that the Service is available and working without material functional degradation, and that application response time performance allows for commercially reasonable productive use of the Service. Availability will be measured at the point where the Services is made available on the Internet from Leadspace’s system, and does not include outages caused by any other person, including third-party service providers. Application Availability measures is exclusive of pre-scheduled maintenance periods, about which Leadspace’s customer received commercially reasonable prior written notification, and which are of commercially reasonable frequency and duration.
  • Scheduled maintenance will be performed in non-working days or non-working hours.  Weekend scheduled maintenance windows will be at: SAT 10PM – SUN 5AM Pacific Standard Time (PST). Midweek scheduled maintenance windows will be at: 10PM – 2AM PST. During scheduled maintenance, there may be temporary Service instability and Service downtime.
  • 24/7 technical team to resolve any platform ‘down’ events.
  • Leadspace Analysts will be available Sunday – Thursday for profile related issues and needs.
  • Customer will be entitled to terminate the Agreement and receive a pro-rata refund of the fees paid to Leadspace, upon 3 months of repeated failures to meet the minimum platform availability.

Support Case Priorities

  • Critical – Problem causes extremely serious interruptions to a production system (SLA – 1 Business Hour).
  • Urgent – Problem causes serious interruptions to normal operations, will negatively impact customer’s business, urgent deadlines are at risk (SLA – 8 Business Hours).
  • Important – Problem causes interruptions in normal operations (SLA – 2 Business Days).
  • Minor – Problem results in minimal or no interruptions to normal operations (SLA – 5 Business Days).