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Every marketer dreams of launching a viral marketing campaign. After all, a single viral post can cause your Twitter follows to increase exponentially, your website traffic to surge, and your business to finally gain the brand recognition it deserves. Yet, while viral posts are the ultimate goal of all marketers, few manage to achieve such feats. 

Here are some tips to increase the likelihood of your marketing materials going viral, so you can increase your online following and help your lead generation soar.

 1. Choose the right days and times to post. The days and times you choose actually play a significant role in whether a post will go viral. The times and days that are ideal will vary a bit based on your target audience. Look at past analytics to see the days and times that created the highest number of likes and shares in the past. Generally, Tuesday is seen as the best day to post, and the earlier days of the week often receive more shares.

 2. Create lists. Readers prefer articles that are easy to scan, and lists provide that framework. List articles are actually the most likely to be shared, and shorter lists fare better than longer lists. Lists with 10 items receive considerably more traffic than lists with 16 items or more.

 3. Appeal to the reader’s emotions. The best way to create a viral post is by connecting with your audience and creating relatable content that appeals to their emotions. What are the biggest problems in their lives that your business is seeking to solve? How can your company make their lives easier, less stressful, and more efficient? By appealing to their emotions, your marketing strategy will cater to their most basic desires, thus increasing the likelihood of the post becoming viral.

 4. Share images. If your content doesn’t have images, it is already set up to fail. However, the key isn’t just providing images, but the right types of images. Always choose images with a positive theme – images that lift people up rather than making them feel down. Articles that are viewed as cute and upbeat receive more shares than other types of articles, so choosing cute and happy photographs can increase traffic.

Baby and puppy together.

 5. Rely heavily on big data. If you want your content to go viral, you need to understand what your customers are looking for. Turn to your big data to discover the top trending topics within your industry, so your content revolves around the most recent and popular trends.

 6. Keep your data clean. If you’re going to be basing your posts off your data, you need to ensure the data is reliable. This can be achieved by utilizing a data cleansing software that contains algorithms to sort out dirty or duplicate data sets. In turn, your data will be of higher quality, leading to better insights.

Creating quality content that leads to viral marketing posts is a challenge, but with the right strategy, you can considerably increase likes and shares. Marketing automation software can support your goals by providing an elaborate big data management platform that will fuel your analytic potential. You’ll be able to dig deeper into your data to reveal trends and the core drivers of business, allowing you to create the content your readers want most.

Leadspace offers a data management solution that helps you keep your data in top shape for your marketing campaigns. Download the Ultimate Guide to Driving Revenue with a B2B Customer Data Platform to learn more today.

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