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Marketers often focus so much on lead generation that they overlook another important component of a marketing strategy: demand generation.

Yes, there is a difference. As the name implies, demand gen focuses primarily on boosting actual demand for a company’s products or services, while lead generation simply identifies leads who may be interested in a brand. Demand generation is a more holistic approach, which involves cultivating a relationship with those customers — one in which the end goal is to convince a prospect to make a purchase.

Demand generation also includes accounts as much as leads. Account-Based Marketing (ABM), for example, is still about “demand generation” — but stands in contrast to traditional lead generation.

That’s why email marketing is very effective when pursuing this goal. Email gives marketers the chance to reach existing followers on a consistent basis. Following best practices like email list clean up, segmenting lists, and tracking key performance metrics will ensure your campaign is effective.

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A well-organized campaign can guide a lead through the customer journey, resulting in a conversion. The fact that studies show email marketing remains effective to this day, even among Millennials, is just another reason to rely on it for demand generation.

For the best results, consider applying the following strategies:

Be Willing to Give Away (Quality) Products & Content

One of the easiest ways to generate demand for your services is simply to give a potential customer something for free when they sign up for your email list. However, this free gift needs to be genuinely valuable.

Whether it’s an ebook, industry report, or anyother resource, you want to make it clear to your followers that your brand offers quality products and services. A customer will be more willing to pay for a product in the future if an item they received free of charge impressed them.

This strategy also helps establish a sense of trust. Giving a prospect a no-cost reward for signing up to receive your emails makes a positive first impression and can build loyalty.

Prioritize Landing Pages

Your marketing emails should include calls-to-actions (CTAs) that direct readers to relevant landing pages when they click on them. Making sure the page is designed to convert is just as important as making sure the email is designed properly.

According to one study, customers particularly value honesty among brands. Thus, your email’s content should accurately represent what a customer is going to find on a landing page. Making sure the landing page is a natural extension of the email’s content and CTA is crucial to gaining and retaining clients.

A key element of strong demand generation involves focusing on cultivating relationships with those most likely to actually become paying customers. You won’t direct the right people to your landing page if your emails don’t accurately describe what you’re offering.

Adhere to Best Practices

Email marketing best practices still apply, even in a demand generation campaign. For instance, segmenting your email list ensures followers only receive relevant messages and helps boost open rates. Personalizing a subject line has the same effect on open rates.

Constant A/B testing of different emails helps determine which tactics are most effective and refine your campaigns accordingly. You can further improve a campaign by monitoring when customers are most likely to open your emails. This helps you determine the best time to send them.

Most importantly, always make it clear why a customer should pay for one of your products or services. Don’t flood inboxes with low-value offers. Every step of the way, you want to share only your highest-quality products and content. In the short run, you may be hesitant in giving away something for free. In the long run, however, you’ll generate much more demand for your services.

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