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Big data is widely utilized by businesses and nonprofits alike, and yet it remains shrouded in mystery with few people truly understanding what it is and how to make use of it. The purpose of big data is to drive business intelligence and encourage smarter decision-making that’s based on real-time trends. While it’s difficult to make sense of big data on its own, it can merge with the cloud to create an ideal synergy that supports business growth.

What Is Big Data’s Relationship to the Cloud?

So, what exactly is the relationship between big data and the cloud? Well, first of all, the goals of each are similar. Both big data and the cloud are intended to increase value to a company while decreasing investment costs. The cloud reduces the cost of on-premises software management, while big data reduces investment costs by encouraging wiser business decisions. It seems only natural then that these two concepts come together to provide even greater value to businesses.

Big Data Plus the Cloud Equals Tremendous Business Savings

Both big data and the cloud are often used by businesses to reduce spending and conserve funds. When joined together, this cost-savings can extend even further. While big data can save a business money by improving forethought and leading to strategic decisions, it can also cost a lot of money to collect and manage on-premises. When big data is stored and managed in the cloud, businesses can significantly reduce this cost by eliminating the need for on-premises storage and minimizing their reliance on IT.

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The Cloud Provides the Scalable Environment Big Data Needs to Grow

It is often said that goldfish grow to the size of their tank. If placed in a smaller tank, they’ll remain small, and if placed in a larger tank, they have the room and ability to grow much larger. Data collection is similar. 

Big data grows rapidly, and your business needs to be able to scale data storage efficiently to keep up. Otherwise, your big data will be confined to an established limit, thus inhibiting your ability to fully leverage all pertinent data. If on-premises data storage is a fish bowl, then the cloud is the ocean. It provides a nearly infinite space to scale data as quickly as you need, so businesses of all sizes can scale and store data efficiently.

The Cloud Provides a Single Source of Truth

Big data relies on data integration to be effective. If you’re storing big data on-premises, it will entail a tremendous amount of work to manually integrate all departmental data. The cloud can do that work for you, offering a single location to store and manage all business data. This way, your business can gain a single source of truth, without exhausting your time and resources struggling to manually integrate data.

Big data is crucial to businesses, but it can be difficult to manage on its own. The cloud is the ideal place to collect and manage big data, allowing businesses to enjoy the benefits of both simultaneously. With a marketing automation software, businesses can access a cloud-based platform for managing big data at a low monthly cost. It takes the effort out of big data, so you’ll spend less time managing it and more time analyzing it.

To learn more about the benefits of a single source of truth for your data, watch the webinar: CDP: Is it Really Your Single Source of Truth for Sales and Marketing? today.

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