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Leadspace Announces Virtual Data Management Platform for B2B Marketing

predictive analytics for B2B demand generation
David B. Thomas

Senior Director of Inbound Marketing at Leadspace

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The single most important factor in B2B demand generation is the quality of the underlying data. No one database alone can provide a “single source of truth,” and the best predictive analytics are limited by the data available to analyze. Truth comes from aggregating and understanding as many relevant sources as possible. And marketers should be able to concentrate on engaging with prospects and customers, not managing data.

Over the past 18 months, Leadspace has added new B2B data sources and APIs to create significant advances in the function and structure of its applications. These advances have significantly enhanced the ability to quickly add or change data sources, aggregate, score, clean and enrich data and deliver it to marketing automation and CRM systems.

“These are more than just incremental changes,” said Leadspace CEO Doug Bewsher. “They define a unique way of aggregating, understanding and delivering actionable insights to our customers that we call the Leadspace Virtual Data Management Platform.”

Increased Speed and Flexibility To Select the Best Data Sources

The Virtual Data Management Platform not only gives Leadspace a unique ability to bring together the best sources of B2B data, but to change the mix of data sources at any time, while maintaining a consistently-high level of quality and coverage for customers.

“This isn’t a new product offering,” said Vice President of Product Travis Kaufman. “There’s no additional cost or implementation. The Virtual Data Management Platform is the core of Leadspace. It defines our path to becoming the most valuable demand generation tool in the B2B marketing stack,” Kaufman said.

Measurable Value for Customers

Leadspace customers already see the benefit of the Virtual Data Management Platform in providing the most up-to-date B2B data and intelligence, on demand. Customers on average report a 40 percent increase in lead conversion. In head-to-head competitive trials, Leadspace has driven a 60 percent increase in percentage of qualified leads identified and a 180 percent lift in percentage of leads enriched.

“Leadspace gives us measurable ROI by helping us systematically map the contacts within our target accounts. Additionally, Leadspace enriches and scores people already in our CRM, helping us to prioritize our outbound marketing efforts,” said Jason Seeba, Chief Marketing Technologist at BloomReach.

Jason Seeba
Jason Seeba

“Since becoming a Leadspace customer nearly three years ago, we’ve sourced almost 80 percent of the leads that later turn into pipeline directly from Leadspace,” Seeba said.

BloomReach uses Leadspace data to power its account-based marketing. So does RingCentral, who revamped their inbound marketing with Leadspace and ABM, boosting actionable inbound leads by 230 percent, increasing lead-to-account match rates by 60 percent and driving “significant” new pipeline while also saving on data costs.

Better Data Management Enables Better Account-Based Marketing

The speed, flexibility and accuracy of Leadspace, enabled by the Virtual Data Management Platform, is especially valuable for account-based marketing.

Jon Miller
Jon Miller

“Engagio selected Leadspace because they had the best way to connect leads to accounts to enable account-based marketing,” said Engagio founder Jon Miller. “We’re also a Leadspace customer ourselves. The way Leadspace brings data and predictive together in their Virtual Data Management Platform has real value for marketers, and unlike many data solutions, it’s able to grow and change with the B2B market and get real value from Big Data.”

To learn more, contact Leadspace at (855) 532-3772 or info@leadspace.com.



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