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Dreamforce is offering more than 2,300 sessions over the 4-day event. I filtered just to the marketing topic alone and I’m still left with nearly 500 sessions to peruse through.

So I did the dirty work and read through all of these sessions to come up with my “Top 10” for what any B2B marketer should attend. I qualified these based on their B2B marketing relevance and steered away from the feature/function sessions to focus on thought leadership and trending topics like predictive analytics and account-based marketing — obviously, I’m a little biased here.

The titles are linked to the sessions so you can quickly build them into your agenda for the week. I’ll be attempting to make my way to most of these. Stay tuned for my notes and highlights in social channels!

Twitter: @kyleehallb

  1. 2015 State of B2B Marketing
    Marketers constantly strive to manage new technologies, shifting market trends, and industry obstacles in order to reach their audiences. This year, Salesforce surveyed over 2,100 B2B marketers on these most pressing marketing issues, priorities, and shifts to bring you the 2015 State of B2B Marketing report. Do the results match up with your marketing strategy for the year? Join Salesforce Product Evangelist Mat Sweezey to discuss key takeaways from the definitive marketing report of the year.
  2. The State of B2B Digital Marketing Panel Discussion
    Marketing has changed. In today’s world, companies must have a digital presence, and must be able to reach customers through digital channels. Join us to hear from industry experts about where they see the world of B2B digital marketing is headed.
  3. 3 Steps to Success with Marketing Technology
    Unlock the potential of Marketing Technology. Join us to learn about the MarTech maturity scale and a framework to get started.
  4. Marketing and Sales – The New Power Couple
    Marketing and Sales alignment isn’t actually about Marketing or Sales. It’s about the customer! Hear from Jill Rowley, social selling evangelist, startup advisor, and modern marketing expert, about why Sales and Marketing need to work together to bring the focus back to the customer.
  5. Man & Machine: Digital Marketing in the Age of Robots
    The droids are here! But what does that mean for brands, marketers and customers? Join acclaimed author of The Second Machine Age, Andrew McAfee, and Salesforce Marketing Cloud’s VP of Data & Analytics, Leslie Fine, as they discuss the significance of automation and how it empowers the next generation of marketers.
  6. More Qualified Meetings: Cloudera Uses Account-based Sales and Outreach
    Account-based Sales Development is currently a hot phrase, but does it work? Ask Lars Nilsson, VP of Field Operations at Cloudera, whose SDRs use ABSD principles to generate more appointments in target accounts, and a stronger pipeline, through open rates up to 65% and reply rates up to 30%.
  7. Predict What’s Next: How Predictive Technology Can Transform Your Industry
    Join industry leaders and predictive experts as they discuss the power of leveraging predictive analytics to transform how you connect with your customers. You’ll learn how to supercharge your sales funnel, retain customers, and optimize your service operations by leveraging predictive technologies. This session will feature a panel of predictive partners followed by Q&A.
  8. Predictive Intelligence Roadmap: Data Science in the Hands of Marketers
    This Predictive Intelligence master class will go beyond personalizing subject lines, triggering messages, and even personalized content recommendations to explore what’s coming next. Join us to hear from Leslie Fine, VP of Data & Analytics, on the vision and roadmap for Predictive Analytics at the Salesforce Marketing Cloud – enhanced audience segmentation, supercharged A/B testing, and more!
  9. Scaling Account-based Marketing in a Digital World
    Growth is the lifeblood of business, and despite spending billions of dollars in pursuit of it, only a select few companies actually achieve it. Those that do most often grasp a fundamental truth: Relationships are the key to their success. And in the modern, connected age, data lets them have quality relationships with their most valuable customers at a depth never before possible. But how do you seize that opportunity? Join Rishi Dave, CMO of Dun & Bradstreet, as he explores the marriage of data, technology, and account-based marketing via a “relationship platform” that can be your company’s springboard to growth.
  10. B2B Social: A Closer Look at B2B Content Creation, Measurement, & Engagement
    One thing we can all generally agree upon is that the target audience for a B2B marketer, is often times different than a B2C marketer. Join this engaging panel as we talk to some of the most iconic brands who are creating content that resonates, engaging and connecting to their social customers.


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