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I was lucky enough to catch up with Kevin Akeroyd, GM of the Oracle Marketing Cloud, to ask a few questions on the role of marketing for one of the biggest players in the industry. Take a look at what Akeroyd has to say about the state of the Oracle Marketing Cloud, Oracle’s commitment to customers, partners and employees, and a few key bits of wisdom.

Q: Oracle has made a major commitment to marketing.  Can you tell us about the Oracle Marketing Cloud?

Oracle Marketing Cloud combines best-in-class BlueKai, Compendium, Eloqua, and Responsys components with Oracle Social Cloud. Leading companies use these solutions to create profitable, long-lasting customer relationships by predicting customer behavior, transforming content into strategic assets, and accommodating growth on a scalable, open platform. That’s my elevator pitch!

Q: How will the Marketing Cloud help customers address their marketing challenges?

Oracle Marketing Cloud helps organizations maximize marketing resources and grow top-line revenue by providing a unified view of customer data, which can be used by marketers to understand what behaviors, attributes, and preferences drive revenue, loyalty, and advocacy.

Q: What are some of the most exciting elements of the Oracle Marketing Cloud?

Oracle Marketing Cloud helps marketers move beyond individual transactions and achieve deeper, lasting relationships by developing a single customer profile and engaging customers more intelligently across multiple channels. The result is the creation of ideal customers who become advocates for a company’s brand.

Q: What is a day in the life for you as the GM of the Oracle Marketing Cloud look like?

Laser focus on our customers, our employees, and our partners.  Making sure the whole business is aligned and executing to optimize success for those 3 audiences.

Q: What would you say are marketers’ biggest pain points today?  

Marketers are dealing with a complex ecosystem of legacy technologies, disconnected data sources and siloed marketing systems, making it difficult to centralize, manage, and orchestrate individualized customer experiences. As marketers struggle with this overwhelming complexity, dysfunctional processes then negatively impact the customer experience. It’s a lose-lose situation for both the marketer and the customer.

Q: How important is data for marketers? Why?

Data is critical for a modern marketing best-practice. By harnessing the data available both within the company as well as second and third party sources, marketers not only understand who their customers and prospects really are and what they need today, but also anticipate future needs and desires. It allows marketers to serve up personalized communications and content that leads to the development of long-lasting, profitable relationships.

Q: Leadspace is excited to now be an official Oracle Partner Network member. We just launched our integrated solution via the Oracle Eloqua AppCloud. Can you explain the AppCloud a little?

With more than 130 apps available across advertising, channel management, CRM integration, data, predictive analytics, video, webinars, events, and more, AppCloud provides an extensive hub of plug and play marketing applications that marketers use to extend and enrich modern marketing and sales efforts.

Q: How have some of the latest Oracle acquisitions like Eloqua and Responsys impacted your own marketing efforts? 

We have “eaten our own dog food” and “sipped our own champagne” for quite some time now.  We drive world class results for ourselves, not just for our customers and partners.

Q: What can customers expect from Oracle in the near future? Anything you can share with us?

Join us at Interact 2014 in San Francisco on July 16–18, Oracle Open World in San Francisco starting on September 28, or Modern Marketing Experience Europe this October 15-16 in London to see the future of modern marketing in action and hear about the latest Oracle Marketing Cloud innovations.

Q: What advice would you give marketers to make an impact in their organization today?

Make the CIO your best friend. In order to take advantage of big data while reducing complexity, marketers need a technology platform that unifies their resources and that the IT department trusts. Oracle Marketing Cloud helps align IT and marketing with a single, unified solution with the scalability, performance, and integration required by both modern marketers and their IT counterparts.

Learn more about the Oracle Marketing Cloud here or visit the AppCloud to find out how Leadspace’s integration with Oracle Eloqua helps drive better marketing ROI.

Ari Soffer
Ari Soffer

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