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Next week the worlds of CRM, demand generation, lead generation, sales, marketing and customer service will converge at Dreamforce 2015 in San Francisco, bringing downtown traffic to a halt and birthing a new crop of Salesforce evangelists. Just when you think it can’t get any more spectacular, they bring in Foo Fighters and the Love Boat. (I have a guess how they might top that next year. What? You too?)

This will be my fifth Dreamforce, but my first as a Salesforce partner rather than an employee. I started to write a “getting ready for Dreamforce” post because I’m a marketer and I’m pretty sure it’s mandatory. Then I looked at the #DF15 hashtag stream on Twitter. Gosh, there sure are a lot of those posts. If you show up next week in uncomfortable shoes, you can’t say you haven’t been warned.

So instead I decided to share the one tip all those other Dreamforce posts ignore. (Or probably ignore. I didn’t check. If you find another one, let me know and I’ll share it if it’s better than mine.)

Dreamforce is your chance to create all that content you’ve been putting off

Salesforce predicts 150,000 registrants, with an online audience of 10 million. But that means there are still millions of people who won’t be there. Lots of them would love to get the most useful information out of Dreamforce. Are any of your customers or prospects eager to go but can’t? Wouldn’t they love to hear what you learn at Dreamforce? You see where I’m going with this?

You can be the Dreamforce reporter for your audience

First of all, with 1,500 sessions spread over four days, it’s no mean feat to find what’s most interesting. But you’ve already done the work in Agenda Builder. What’s your job title? What industry are you in? You’ve already built a curated list of Top Dreamforce Picks for (People Like You in Your Industry).

Are you going to take notes? Ask a question or two? Ask your seat mate what she thought of the presentation? Compare notes with colleagues attending on what they learned? If yes, you’re already planning to create content.

Here’s another way of looking at it: Do you ever write trip reports after conferences? It’s the same thing. Just share it publicly.

Dont overthink it

I’ve met a lot of people who say they aren’t good writers. Usually they’re better than they think. Regardless, for this you don’t have to be. Think notes, bullet lists, quick thoughts and impressions and links to more information.

  • Share what you find the most interesting, even if it’s just a tweet or status update.
  • Link to the presentation archives and available material.
  • Write a short wrap up of what you found most interesting.
  • Shoot a video with your smart phone if you’re more comfortable talking than writing.
  • Post it anywhere you can: LinkedIn or Facebook or your company blog or your personal Tumblr blog.
  • Email it to your colleagues, your customers, your prospects.

Christopher S. Penn had a great suggestion in a post about getting ready for Inbound ’15 in Boston.

“Arrive with a burning question. If you want to make INBOUND15 as fruitful as possible, come with a question you MUST get the answer to, and ask it of as many people as you reasonably can to get multiple perspectives.”

There you go:

  • Come up with a question.
  • Ask a bunch of people.
  • Tell us what they answered.

Blog post!

Chris has lots of great tips in his post, “9 Tips to Make the Most of Inbound15.” Most of them apply equally well to Dreamforce. Plus, you can check his follow-up posts to see how he did it himself.

In the words of Henry Rollins, “Don’t think about it. Do it.” It doesn’t have to be perfect. (How much time do you think I spent on this masterpiece? Right now I’m working on this in line at Sushirrito. Really.

Write it and post it and send it to me and I promise I’ll share it and tell you it’s awesome.

Bonus Self-Serving Tip

Come see Leadspace at Dreamforce. We’ll be in booth N1940 in the North Hall, ready to show you how you can combine the power of predictive analytics with Salesforce to find your best prospects, the ones who look the most like your best customers. (It’s pretty cool.)

main image, “Man Getting Shaved at #DF13,” by the author



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