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Accurate data is the key to successful B2B marketing and lead generation.

When I looked at the agenda for the 2016 Marketo Marketing Nation Summit, it got me thinking about the future of data, lead generation and the evolution of B2B marketing. At Leadspace, we truly believe (and our case studies validate) that accurate data paves the way for successful demand generation campaigns and engagement. That’s why we created the Leadspace Virtual Data Management Platform (VDMP), and why we think an on-demand approach to data is vital to the success and scalability of the marketing tech stack.

So why aren’t more people talking about B2B data at Marketo Marketing Nation?

When I was picking what sessions to attend, my first order of business was to see what others were saying on the topic of data—I’m talking about data in its rawest sense: not analytics, not predictive analytics, not predictive marketing. Surprisingly, I could only find one session that really hit at the heart of the problem Leadspace customers tell us they need to solve:

Give Your Demand Gen & Ops Team Back 25% of Their Time
Presenters: Trend Micro and Integrate
Time: May 12th at 10:30am
Location: Room 320

Marketers should be able to focus on marketing, not data management.

I’m the first marketer to admit that lead generation (and marketing overall) can be an operational nightmare, and the reason is bad data. It’s no easy feat to build, execute and measure marketing efforts effectively, even for B2B enterprise lead generation teams.

Before executing any campaign, you have to trust the data you’re using first and foremost to decide who to target, when and with what content. It sounds simple, but anyone who manages their CRM and marketing automation instances will know the level of work involved.

12 Key Questions to Help Create a Successful B2B Marketing Campaign

I would argue there are at least 100 decisions or questions that need to be made for any one outbound campaign. For example, here’s just a few of the questions you’d need to answer to figure out who to target for a “simple” email campaign (not to mention thinking about everything you need to coordinate on the “what” and “when”)?

  1. Which accounts should I target?
  2. Should I target both contacts and leads?
  3. Does this campaign need to be geography-specific?
  4. What specific persona or buyer profile to I want to reach?
  5. What is their predictive score?
  6. What is their behavioral score?
  7. Do we send to both customers and prospects?
  8. What about people already in our nurture queue?
  9. Are they subscribed?
  10. Who don’t we have contact information for?
  11. When was the last time we “touched” them?
  12. What message and channel will be most effective in reaching them?

Every one of these questions requires a piece of information from either your CRM or marketing automation platform. If you don’t have the right data in either of those systems, you’re missing a major opportunity to connect with your target buyers and hottest prospects.

Come Visit Leadspace at Marketo Marketing Nation 2016, Booth G222

So I plan to attend the session above, but I also hope to continue this data conversation while at Marketo Marketing Nation this week. I’d love to commiserate with my fellow marketers on the operational pains of demand gen, and the pure love of it we can’t walk away from. If that sounds like fun, come find us at Booth G222. We can also talk about how predictive analytics can help you answer those questions. 🙂

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