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In conjunction with today’s launch of Marketo ABM, Leadspace, the predictive analytics choice of four of the top five enterprise software companies, announced the integration of Leadspace Lead-to-Account Matching signals within Marketo. Marketers who use Marketo ABM and Leadspace will get even more actionable insight to drive successful ABM campaigns. Not only will the partnership help marketers better understand who engages with their campaigns, but those insights will help them find net-new decision makers.

Marketo GVP Global Marketing & Ops David Cain emphasized the value to Marketo users

“The success of our customers is amplified by Marketo LaunchPoint partners like Leadspace,” Cain said, “who create complementary integrated solutions with Marketo.”

Marketo ABM delivers greater visibility into target accounts, showing marketers who is engaging with their campaigns, and identifies the channels most effective for reaching them. Leadspace Lead-to-Account Matching automatically matches individual contacts (people) to the companies they work for (accounts), overcoming a critical ABM roadblock.

Marketo ABM Boosts Campaign Conversions with Leadspace Predictive Data

Plus, the data and insights provided by Marketo ABM combined with Leadspace predictive analytics identifies and adds missing decision makers, leading to more successful engagement across all key stakeholders that influence a buying decision.

“We’re excited to see how Leadspace continues to provide demonstrable value to our joint customers,” said Marketo Vice President of Product Marketing, Real-Time Personalization, Mike Telem. “The combination of Marketo ABM and Leadspace predictive applications will unite how marketing and sales teams deliver on their ABM strategy.”

Marketo ABM provides account engagement analytics and account-based campaign execution across multiple channels, and a new interface for managing target accounts. Leadspace Lead-to-Account Matching is a key feature of Leadspace’s predictive applications and is already in use by Leadspace customers to drive successful ABM campaigns. The data and signals from Leadspace can be leveraged directly within Marketo, with no additional cost or installation requirements.

“Marketo ABM is a great way to put account-based marketing into practice and to start seeing results right away,” said Leadspace Vice President of Product Travis Kaufman. “You can’t engage effectively with prospects and identify decision makers in a vacuum. Matching leads to accounts is critical to understanding where you have coverage and which stakeholders you need to engage.”

ABM Provides Real ROI for B2B

Account-based marketing provides measurable benefits for B2B marketers by allowing them to address accounts holistically, identify multiple influencers, automatically associate inbound leads with the right account and drive cross-sell and upsell.

RingCentral uses Leadspace Lead-to-Account Matching to transform their inbound lead generation campaigns. The cloud-based business communications provider found more than 30 percent of inbound leads were being ignored because of missing or inaccurate data in key fields like company employee size, and 20 percent were missing crucial account information necessary to route them to the right account teams. With Leadspace Lead-to-Account Matching, RingCentral rescued 200,000 leads that would otherwise have been lost, increased actionable inbound leads by 230 percent and drove significant new pipeline, all while reducing data costs by eliminating inferior data sources.

Learn how RingCentral enabled ABM from our free RingCentral Leadspace ABM case study.

Leadspace Boosts Lead Conversion by Providing Accurate Data through the Virtual Data Management Platform

Marketo users can also take advantage of Leadspace Scoring natively in Marketo to build campaigns around the leads most likely to convert. Leadspace Enrichment ensures the leads already in a Marketo user’s database are up-to-date and complete, using the data from proprietary databases, the open Web and social channels, aggregated on demand with the Leadspace Virtual Data Management Platform.

Visit Leadspace at Marketo Marketing Nation® Summit

Leadspace is a Gold Sponsor of Marketo Marketing Nation® Summit, going on now through May 12 at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas. Visit Booth G222 to find out more about Leadspace predictive applications built on a Virtual Data Management Platform, and learn why Leadspace is the predictive analytics choice of more than 120 leading B2B companies.

For more information about Leadspace Lead-to-Account Matching, contact Leadspace at (855) 532-3772 or, or visit You can also find out more about Leadspace Lead-to-Account Matching, the Top 5 Use Cases for Lead-to-Account Matching and how to get started with ABM by clicking the banner below.

Leadspace B2B account-based marketing demand generation

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Ari Soffer

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