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Hot on the heels of The State of Account Based Marketing report, which Leadspace co-sponsored together with Marketo, we’ll be hitting the road with The Marketing Nation for an exciting series of talks on the East Coast — and we’d like to invite you join us, free of charge.

The Marketing Nation Roadshow is not one to miss, whether you’re an executive or a general marketing practitioner. The Roadshow will feature keynote presentations by Marketo CEO Steve Lucas and best-selling author Seth Godin, who will be revealing their tips to Winning in the Engagement Economy.

Each of the two October sessions will include a full day of marketing inspiration, cutting-edge thought-leadership, industry best practices, and unparalleled networking opportunities that will help you win in this Engagement Economy.

Lucas and Godin, together with a variety of other industry experts, will be covering topics including account-based marketing, sales and marketing partnership, engagement marketing, AI and much more.

The Roadshow’s first stop will be in Boston, MA, on Tuesday October 3.

The next day, Oct 4, we’ll be heading to Chicago, IL, for a second chance to hear these marketing thought-leaders.

You can register for free by entering the code MarketoLeadspace.

What is the Engagement Economy?

If you’ve been following the Marketo Blog at all this year, you can’t have missed all the talk about the “engagement economy”.

It’s a term first coined by Steve Lucas at the start of 2017. In a January blog post, Lucas described the “simple but profound” concept:

The idea behind the “Engagement Economy” is simple but profound—we are living in a new era—a digital future where everyone and everything is connected. The Engagement Economy embodies the fundamental shift in relationships between buyers and sellers, but extends across entire organizations to include customers, prospects, employees, and partners. The bottom line is that the marketer in this new era must engage with all the stakeholders in a business, not just customer, and deliver an experience with promise. The organizations that do this will win—and those that fail to embrace transformation in the Engagement Economy, aren’t long for this new world.

From that paragraph alone, it’s clear he’s on to something. For most B2B marketers, the days of two-dimensional, “lead-centric” marketing as the dominant approach seem like a distant memory.

Account-based marketing was arguably the watershed moment for encouraging B2B marketers to take greater ownership of the sales funnel and focus on more than just chasing individual leads. But ABM was only the start. Subsequent developments in the marketing industry — most notably SiriusDecisions’ new Demand Unit Waterfall — have moved B2B marketing even closer towards precisely the holistic, concerted, multi-channel approach to demand generation Lucas described.

It’s a trend we’ve been observing in this blog for some time, and it’s also playing a significant part in the nascent revolution in how B2B marketers approach one of their most precious assets: their marketing data.

To quote again from Lucas’s blog:

In the Engagement Economy, it is all about building personalized, authentic relationships with your customers and driving the idea of wantedness. Wantedness is a really compelling concept based on research by Wunderman, and it’s the degree to which a brand proves their commitment to earning a customers’ business across every touchpoint—across the entire customer journey. In a me-centric world, where consumers expect us, the marketer, to understand and communicate to them when they want, how they want, on the right channel, and at exactly the right moment. Being wanted is essentially the result of driving an authentic buyer experience.

Identifying all the key stakeholders, understanding who they are, how best to engage with them and where, requires businesses to leverage their data and intelligence in new, equally innovative ways.

Want to hear more? Join us in Boston on October 3, or Chicago on October 4 — and remember to use the code “MarketoLeadspace” to register for free!

If you can’t make it, keep your eyes peeled for more exciting events to come…

The State of Account-Based Marketing

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