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You want your content to make an impression. You want your business-to-business (B2B) customers talking. You focus on recent market events, emerging industry trends and the latest news. You try to use influencer marketing principles by aligning your enterprise with your market’s biggest players. You’ve established a social media presence. You’re doing everything but your content isn’t generating leads. So, what’s the problem?

First, it’s important to note that your business audience is different from the everyday consumer. They need information presented differently. It’s less about consumer branding and more about the value of the purchase.

Second, business markets aren’t as reactive on pricing and offers the way consumer markets are. That doesn’t mean that tracking competitive pricing and offers is any less important. It simply means that business markets have longer product to market lead times. As such, customers are more likely to take more time before making that all-important purchase.

Finally, customer references are just as important in business markets, but it’s the way those references are presented that matters most. It’s less about friends vouching for a consumer brand they love, and more about companies vouching for a product that changed how they do business. So, how do you speak to a B2B customer through content marketing? Well, to help, here are five ways to make content speak to a business audience.

1. Vivid Images and Eye-Catching Graphics

Yes, images matter to a business audience. However, it’s what those images show that matters most. Low quality brochure images won’t suffice. Get up front and personal with your products. Make them stand out. Make an impact. Multiple angles help, but they must be high-quality images. Graphics are another fantastic tool. They allow you to add some gravitas to your argument. They bring your content together and make it pop with statistics and verifiable data.

2. Business White Papers and Customer Case Studies

Can an argument be made that a business audience is more critical of its purchases than a consumer audience? Yes, especially when you consider the pressure that corporate buyers, purchasing agents, engineers and business owners are under with respect to capital expenditures. Your business audience needs as much evidence in support of your argument as you can provide. Business white papers and customer case studies provide substantial data to back up your claim and they are excellent ways of generating leads.

3. Videos and Blog Posts

No, you don’t need to have a professional video done to benefit from websites like DailyMotion and YouTube. Just get in front of your products and showcase their effectiveness. These video-sharing websites are great for generating leads. A company blog is another great tool. You can build a loyal following and use a newsletter and email campaign to uncover even more opportunities.

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4. Webcasts

Webcasts allow you to cover a topic with multiple viewers at one time. Define a topic, present your case, offer solutions and open the floor to questions. Each viewer must subscribe and each subscription means you get customer contact details. Even if customers aren’t available for the live webcast, they can still download it later. Even then, you’ll get their contact details and will be able to follow up with other digital strategies.

5. Gated Content Through Social Media

Do you have a high-value business whitepaper you want to share? Perhaps you have a customer case-study that provides invaluable insight into how to reduce costs and increase your product’s life-cycle. Gated content is a great way to get that content into the right hands. However, instead of appearing as a free download on your website or blog, you can post this on social media sites like LinkedIn. Customers interested in the document have to provide their email address and contact details. Gated content ensures that only the best leads come forward.

Generating leads with a business audience doesn’t need to be complicated. Make a statement, back it up, and make your content stand apart from the crowd. Learn more today by watching  the webinar: How to Scale your Content Marketing for ABM Success.

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