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The B2B awards season is a great opportunity to learn how innovative Marketing and Sales leaders are overcoming the business challenges we all face on a daily basis, as well as what exciting new technologies they’re using.

For us here at Leadspace, it’s also an opportunity to congratulate our many customers who have picked up awards for their ground-breaking work.

With the 2019 award season in full swing, a number of Leadspace enterprise customers have been recognized by Demand Gen Report for the successes they’ve achieved in a number of important areas.

Crucially, the secret to their success is something every B2B Sales and Marketing person can learn from…

SAP’s Paul Logue named Technology “Innovator of the Year”

Paul Logue, SAP’s SVP & Head Of Global Insights,  was recognized as “Innovator of the Year” in the B2B Technologists category, for his “Crystal Ball” platform, powered in part by Leadspace data and intent signals:

As the SVP & Head of Global Insights, Paul Logue transformed SAP’s market intelligence group into a strategic, digital-first, analytics-powered insights function, enabling the company to rethink its customer acquisition and customer operating model.

The centerpiece of Logue’s transformation is the development and launch of SAP’s Crystal Ball digital account intelligence platform, which provides a powerful “digital” window into SAP customers’ real-time buying needs. Crystal Ball is unique in its approach and design compared to other initiatives. The SAP Customer and Markets Insights function is part of the office of corporate strategy that ensures this is a strategic focus for the company.

How Project Orion is Transforming Extreme Network’s go-to-market

In the Marketing Mentors category, Paul Green, Director of Marketing Technologies at Extreme Networks, was recognized for “Project Orion” — a “cross-functional initiative to orchestrate marketing and sales systems into a unified go-to-market engine.”

Earlier this year, Paul joined a Leadspace webinar to explain how Project Orion works — and specifically how Leadspace account intelligence and intent data was helping Extreme Networks achieve impressive successes, including shorter sales cycles and bigger, better deals.

Demand Gen summed up its “transformative” effect on Extreme Network’s business:

Project Orion’s unique account intelligence lens is having a transformative effect both within the walls of the organization, as well as in its channel partner ecosystem. Although the company is early in its global roll-out, it has seen promising results, including healthy conversion increases, as well as pipeline and revenue impacts. It already has 2.5X lift in outbound calling campaigns, as well as millions of dollars in pipeline and revenue being driven from Orion-powered data initiatives. Extreme Networks is also observing significant efficiency gains, as it enables smarter data views and unprecedented access to reports.

The “Prospecting Hub” Sales can’t get enough of at HP Enterprise

HP Enterprise — another major Leadspace customer — also took home an award in the Sales Drivers category.

Head of Demand Platforms Bharath Ram Srinivasan was recognized for his part in creating “Prospecting Hub”, an “account-based prospecting platform for worldwide sales” that integrates “real-time, first-party and third-party digital insights with prioritization on a rep’s target set of accounts. Using these insights, reps are able to plan out their day and focus their attention on the hottest accounts looking to purchase right now.”

According to Demand Gen:

The company’s sales team loves the new platform. It enables them to spend less time trying to identify the right accounts or contacts and helps them penetrate into white-space accounts where they’ve had no relationships before. Management also loves it as it has helped clean up the CRM and remove unqualified lists, resulting in a more predictable pipeline.

Sales campaigns executed through the new account-based platform are showing great results in terms of pipeline generated and enabling sales management to have greater visibility into the time spent by their reps. Prospecting Hub has become sales’ go-to destination for cold prospecting through the year. Within three quarters of going live with the platform, more than 500 active sales users are logging in every day to use it.

The secret to B2B success in our brave new world of data…

It’s always satisfying to see our customers recognized for their hard-earned successes. And on a personal note, it’s a real privilege to work so closely with so many experienced, talented and creative Sales and Marketing leaders.

But as I mentioned above, there’s an important takeaway here for literally anyone in B2B Sales and Marketing.

What these three innovators share is the recognition that in order to unleash the true potential of their Marketing and Sales data, they needed to move away from point solutions — like data list providers and narrow marketing analytics –and build an intelligent single source of truth that Sales and Marketing can easily align on.

No wonder then that all three companies were early adopters of our B2B Customer Data Platform.

As the B2B CDP market continues to mature, we’ll be seeing similar successes replicated with ever-greater frequency.

Learn more about how CDPs are so critical to modern B2B Sales and Marketing — download our guide to driving revenue with a B2B CDP:

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