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Whether in B2B or B2C, in today’s digital world “personalization” is the name of the game.

It’s no secret that B2B marketers have lagged those in B2C. In recent years however, developments like ABM and the rise of the B2B Customer Data Platform (CDP) have helped level the playing field, by enabling B2B companies to be more targeted with their Sales and Marketing.

But there is still one important area in which B2B marketers have had many fewer options and thus less success: digital advertising.

Until now, the prevailing attitude of B2B marketers towards digital ad campaigns was at best lukewarm. That stands in stark contrast to the world of B2C, where digital advertising is a favored weapon of choice, given its unique ability to reach customers with precisely the right message, on the digital platforms where they spend most of their time.

The reason for this disparity is simple: B2B marketers simply don’t have access to either the tools or the level of persona-specific data needed to create truly personalized ad campaigns. Instead, they tend to compile lists of people to target using superficial data sets like “job title”, or end up focusing their ads on a particular set of company I.P.s or account names and hope that the right person at that account will see the ad.

When you take this approach to target large companies like GE, or a very broad job title like IT Manager, it’s no wonder that few B2B digital ad campaigns see more than a modest ROI.

Bringing a Consistent, Personalized Customer Experience to B2B

But abandoning the playing field is not the answer. As buyers become accustomed to a highly personalized, relevant, coherent customer experience as consumers, they are increasingly expecting the same in a B2B capacity. To achieve that, B2B marketers can’t just spam their prospects’ inboxes — they need to be engaging them consistently across all channels, with personalized, engaging content.

The need to offer a more focused, more relevant and more effective way to do B2B advertising is why we are launching Leadspace for Ads.

Leadspace for Ads harnesses the power of Leadspace’s industry-leading B2B Customer Data Platform to combine the broadest set of B2B first-party, third-party and intent data with AI, to generate personalized, target audiences at the persona- and company-level, and activate these campaigns across leading digital ad platforms.

Our newest product means Leadspace customers can now use our CDP to reach the right people, at the right companies, at the right time, with the right messages and content — simultaneously and consistently across all Sales, Marketing and Advertising channels.

Read more about how Leadspace is finally bringing a “B2C”-level of personalization to B2B digital advertising.

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