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We’re happy to announce the general availability of Leadspace integration with HubSpot, to give B2B lead generation marketers who use HubSpot the power of Leadspace predictive analytics and our Virtual Data Management Platform. More than 18,000 HubSpot customers can now use Leadspace natively within the popular inbound marketing and sales platform.

Early Customer Adoption Proved the Value of HubSpot and Leadspace Integration

“Leadspace customers who use HubSpot saw the value of integrating their two favorite marketing platforms”, said Leadspace Vice President of Product Travis Kaufman, “and Leadspace delivered.”

Denny Armstrong of Cloud Elements uses Leadspace and HubSpot for B2B lead generation
Denny Armstrong

“We chose Leadspace to ease the frustration of contacting our leads,” said Denny Armstrong, Director of Business Development at Cloud Elements. “Leadspace automates enrichment and verification of lead information in real time. We now have the correct information we need to segment and contact leads.”

“Best of all, he added, “Leadspace does this automatically inside our HubSpot account.”

Leadspace Automatically Gives HubSpot Users the Power to Discover, Score and Enrich Leads

Leadspace adds an additional intelligence layer to HubSpot, making marketing and sales campaigns more effective and efficient with Leadspace Discovery, Leadspace Scoring and Leadspace Enrichment, built on the Leadspace Virtual Data Management Platform.

Find out how Leadspace and HubSpot work together.

HubSpot users can take advantage of Leadspace Discovery to find net-new leads that match the characteristics of their best customers—as defined in their personalized Ideal Customer Profile—and build HubSpot campaigns to engage with them.

Leadspace Scoring employs Leadspace predictive analytics to score and prioritize leads based on both an Ideal Customer Profile and the user’s own historical campaign performance data.

Leadspace Enrichment works automatically with the leads, contacts and accounts already in a marketer’s HubSpot database to ensure they are as complete, accurate and up-to-date as possible, using data aggregated on demand by the Leadspace Virtual Data Management Platform.

For example, a typical HubSpot inbound lead may contain five form fields of information. Leadspace Enrichment adds up to 80 additional fields of information about the individual and the company to ensure accurate scoring and routing, including job function (not just job title), technology expertise and the elements of the company’s technology stack.

HubSpot Integration Expands the Benefits of Predictive Applications to More B2B Marketers

More B2B marketers are recognizing the advantages of predictive analytics to boost the success of demand-generation campaigns and drive pipeline. Leadspace customers on average see a 41% increase in lead conversions, as well as increased efficiency in the sales process and cost reductions from eliminating inferior sources of data.

“It’s increasingly difficult for B2B marketers to reach and engage with the right customers,” Kaufman said. “HubSpot began as a solution for smaller companies, but now larger B2B organizations are adopting HubSpot as well. With this integration, they’ll have the advantage of predictive analytics and on-demand B2B data to improve the quality of their database and give their marketing automation campaigns a measurable boost.”

Leadspace Integrates with Major Marketing Automation and CRM Platforms

In addition to HubSpot, Leadspace integrates with Marketo, Oracle Marketing Cloud and Salesforce. Pardot and Microsoft Dynamics connectivity are next on the list, Kaufman said.

Learn More About HubSpot and Leadspace Integration

If you’re a HubSpot user and would like to learn more about boosting your lead conversion with the power of Leadspace, contact us at (855) 532-3772 or You can also read more in our Leadspace for HubSpot information sheet.

HubSpot integration with Leadspace gives B2B lead generation marketers betters lead conversions and more pipeline with the power of predictive analytics combined with on-demand B2B data

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