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Trish Bertuzzi is the CEO of The Bridge Group, which helps B2B tech companies develop and refine inside sales strategy for better results. As a professional who has been in the business for more than 20 years serving more than 400 clients, Bertuzzi has honed her craft, achieved status as an expert in her field, and lectures extensively on generating leads and turning them into loyal customers.

What’s the first and most important thing a B2B company has to nail down in order to get the results they’re looking for?

Successful B2B companies need to have a well-defined customer profile.

The biggest question they need to answer — and this is the No. 1 question they have to answer — is where do you want your revenue to come from?

Many companies are loath to give up what they perceive as possible targets, so they cast an extra-wide net. Are you saying that the key to success is the opposite? That a narrow focus gets more clients on board?

Those who focus are those who win. So the more you can articulate what market you’re going after and why, the greater the likelihood you’ll be successful.

Like if you tell me you’re a horizontal play, I’m going to throw my hands up in the air and go, “Oh God!” You need to know where you want your revenue to come from… Who’s your buyer? You need to define what level of the organization you’re selling to.

But you also have to put effort into getting brand and name recognition in your market. You need to stop and look at how you’re positioned against the competition.

What about software? Is it critical for lead generation management? If so, is there one brand that stands out?

Part of our evaluation is a tech stack review, and we do provide recommendations. But we don’t provide the names of specific vendors. It depends on the company and the issue. We’ll say, here’s the top two or three best of breed for this particular problem area we think you need to address.

Software aside, what type of data is most important to track in lead generation? Is there a set of data that you can’t be successful without tracking?

You need a CRM. You need a sales enablement platform, and I’m big on call recording software. You need marketing automation. That’s the foundation. From a metrics perspective, metrics are completely dependent on what you are trying to accomplish.

With metrics, you get the basics — how many conversations you’re having with your perfect buyer, what the end results of those conversations are. You track how many convert to pipelines, if the pipelines convert to deals, and so on.

The metrics we recommend are completely dependent on what we’re trying to accomplish.

Getting the right data and creating unified customer profiles is often easier said than done. Find out how to implement some of Bertuzzi’s recommendations using a state-of-the-art customer data platform — download the Ultimate Guide to Driving Revenue with a B2B Customer Data Platform today.

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