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No fluff, no story, no long intro laden with keywords, just a roundup of resources you might need after you arrive at Dreamforce ’15. Airport transit info up top, scroll down to find out when and where to pick up your badge, keep scrolling if you’re cold.

Getting to the city from SFO, OAK and SJC

Cabs are never easy to find in San Francisco (there’s a reason Uber and Lyft started here), but they do tend to mob SFO airport when Dreamforce flights are arriving. The fare to most downtown hotels should be around $50 from SFO, $60-70 from OAK and $200 from San Jose (SJC), according to info published by San Francisco Yellow Cab Cooperative.

Taking the BART train to and from SFO and OAK

Bay Area Rapid Transit runs the subways (you know, the underground, the metro) in the city. It’s convenient for downtown hotels and Moscone Center. BART gets crowded at rush hour, but not, say Tokyo crowded. San Francisco is a big city with big-city issues, so keep your eyes open on BART, and be careful riding alone at night. If you’re comfortable traveling by tube in London or New York, you’ll probably feel fine on BART.

Check out this page on the BART site to find out how to get to and from downtown San Francisco from SFO or OAK.

Taking public transit from San Francisco to San Jose (SJC)

You’ll have a bit longer trip, but lots of public transit options. Check out all the possibilities on the SJC airport public transportation page.

Lyft and Uber into the city

If you’ve never tried Lyft or Uber, this would be a great time to give them a test drive. Download the apps to your smartphone and you’ll figure out pretty soon why those of us who live here rely on them.

What exactly is MUNI?

San Francisco also has MUNI, which is an interesting hybrid of buses, trains and historic street cars (really) that connect to places BART doesn’t reach. MUNI can be a little confusing for new riders, but it can also be very convenient. Plus it’s nice to see things above ground when you’re in a new city. Find out more at the SFMTA website.

Where and When to Pick Up Your Badge

All badge pickup info cut and pasted straight from the “Your Dreamforce Confirmation” email:

“On-site registration and check-in is located in Moscone West, Moscone North, Marriott Marquis and the lobby level of Hilton Union Square, during the following hours:

Monday, September 14 (2:00 p.m. – 6:00 p.m.)
Tuesday, September 15 (7:00 a.m. – 8:00 p.m.)
Wednesday, September 16 (7:00 a.m. – 6:00 p.m.)
Thursday, September 17 (7:30 a.m. – 7:00 p.m.)**
Friday, September 18 (8:00 a.m. – 3:00 p.m.)**

** Moscone North and Moscone West only

Beat the lines and pick up your badge Monday!

Photo identification is required at registration before we can release a conference badge. Your badge is your passport into all official Dreamforce activities. Access will not be granted without a badge. If you lose your badge, you will need to go to registration and request a new one. Replacement badge fee is $150 USD.”

Where to buy a jacket if you’re cold

You’re cold, aren’t you? You didn’t read all those posts that said to wear layers, did you? You assumed you’d get some warm swag, right? San Francisco pickup line: “You must be a light jacket, because I want to keep you with me at all times.”

If you need a warm fabric hug, here are some clothing stores near Moscone Center (should open in Google Maps).

Need ibuprofen, gel insoles, breath mints or Alka Seltzer?

Sounds about right for Dreamforce. There are almost as many Walgreen’s in downtown San Francisco as there are Starbucks. Here’s a map of them.

And don’t forget to come visit Leadspace!

We’ll be in the North Hall at Booth N1940, and we’ve got something much better than swag. Click the image below to find out how you can come home from Dreamforce with 100 qualified leads.


stress ball image adapted from a photo by J.E. Theriot from Flickr, used under a Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 Generic license

Featured Image: “Dreamforce Hex,” by the author

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