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We recently launched a demand-gen quiz that pokes a little fun at some of the issues plaguing B2B marketers: generating leads, segmenting and scoring them, increasing conversion rates and dealing with bad data, to name a few. It can be a stressful job to say the least, but it’s nice to know you’re in good company.

First off, I recommend you take the quiz even if to just get a good laugh, but we wanted to look at each of the issues in a bit more detail. I get to cover the most fun topic—the quality of your marketing database.

I have not met a marketer who trusts their database. If they do, they’re either lying or they just haven’t dug deep enough to uncover the real problems that may lie beneath.

I talk to customers and prospects often about this database issue. The problems begin in any number of areas:

  • Is the data I have still relevant?
  • How do I know if I have the right data?
  • What data is meaningful?
  • Should I work from Leads or Contacts and Accounts?
  • What should I do with Leads that have moved companies?
  • What happens to Leads that we’ve marked as unqualified? Should we revisit them?
  • When do I convert a Lead to a Contact?
  • How long should a Lead stay active?
  • What data should I use for routing?
  • How many routing rules do I need?
  • Should I auto-convert?
  • How do I map Leads to Accounts?
  • How can I then route based on account-level information?

Just today, I was on the phone with a customer and we were talking through best practices for how to map data when you convert a Lead to a Contact. Do you map the company-level information to the Account record? Or should the Account record map to the Contacts? What information should we use for routing?

There are no easy answers and each one of these questions can spur numerous debates. The good news is that Leadspace is here to help. We ourselves are building the gold standard predictive intelligence layer into our marketing workflows and are helping customers do the same.  

Our work with RingCentral is just one example of how we’ve been a strategic partner in helping our customers create a single source of truth and operationalize predictive analytics.

We’ll be covering the other four pains plaguing demand gen marketers in upcoming posts. But take the quiz to see which issue resonates with you the most.


Ari Soffer
Ari Soffer

Senior Content Manager, Leadspace

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