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Infographic: The Key Challenges and Benefits of B2B Martech Today

Martech Industry Council Key Findings
Ari Soffer

Senior Content Manager, Leadspace

What’s the greatest frustration B2B marketers face with their marketing technologies? Which marketing technologies are most (and least) popular, and why? Why do so many marketers struggle to show significant ROI with their martech investments — but continue investing nonetheless?

The answers to these questions and more can be found in a report released this month by the Marketing Technology Industry Council — a group of 32 B2B marketing leaders committed to researching and solving the top challenges facing marketers today. The purpose of the study, which was sponsored by Leadspace, was to discover how B2B marketers relate to their technologies, and subsequently to understand what improvements can be made in both the way marketers use their technologies, as well as to the martech industry itself.

We’ve put together a useful infographic presenting some of the report’s key findings (click here or below for the full report):

Martech Industry Council Report: Key Findings



Picture from Pixabay | CC0 Public Domain