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Infographic: How to Build a Solid MarTech Stack

How to Build a Reliable MarTech Stack
Ari Soffer

Senior Content Manager, Leadspace

Why do only 12% of B2B marketers see significant value from their marketing technologies?

Why do half of all B2B marketers have too many MarTech solutions to handle, and too many unintegrated systems to effectively manage?

How can marketers build a technology stack that makes their lives easier, and their marketing more effective (as it should do), instead of complicating their jobs even further?

For the first time, a group of prominent B2B marketing and technology thought-leaders is addressing these MarTech challenges head-on.

With a dizzying array of technologies to choose from (over 5,000 at last count), B2B marketers are in desperate need of a “how-to” guide on how to effectively build and maintain a MarTech stack that does what it’s meant to: create more value.

That’s why the Leadspace-sponsored Marketing Technology Industry Council has released the first-ever comprehensive guide to building an effective, holistic MarTech stack.

“Ultimately, technology is there to improve our lives. It’s only logical that marketers should seek to ‘delegate’ the time-consuming, repetitive tasks to their MarTech – particularly when we’re talking about jobs… that machines can do more effectively anyway.”

— Heidi Bullock, Engagio CMO and member of the Marketing Technology Industry Council

A sample of the Marketing Technology Industry Council’s key recommendations can be seen below. For the full list of recommendations, including practical steps on implementing them in your Marketing organization, click the infographic (or here):

How to Build a Solid MarTech Stack - Marketing Technology Industry Council

Image credit: iStock