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  • Why exactly did Microsoft acquire LinkedIn?
  • Did Facebook just kill native advertising?
  • 40 demand gen marketers who are changing the game
  • How to future proof your marketing stack
  • Advice from the head of martech for an $18B company

To paraphrase Ferris Bueller, B2B moves pretty fast. If you don’t stop and look around once in a while, you could miss an acquisition. Here are a couple of interesting takes on Microsoft’s acquisition of LinkedIn.

Why Did Microsoft Acquire LinkedIn?

In The Wall Street Journal, Christopher Mims laid out an interesting case in favor. Microsoft gets a social network aimed at its core users, plus the ability to integrate LinkedIn data in Office, for instance. He also made this point:

“Access to those users, as well as the enormous amounts of data they throw off, could yield insights and products within Microsoft that allow it to monetize its investment.”

Here’s how some people I may or may not know read that:

“Hummina hummina hummina DATA hummina hummina.”

In a Yahoo! Finance article by Nicole Sinclair,  Stifel analyst Tom Roderick (Stifel is the firm he works for, not what he analyzes) said the big winner in the short run could be Salesforce.

“Longer term, the Microsoft-LinkedIn tie-up may create a more formidable threat for Salesforce on the sales cloud side. But for right now, creates disruption at Microsoft that Salesforce isn’t too upset about.”

Martech, Marketing and Sales Industry News and Ideas

Pretty much any change Facebook makes is big news, and their latest is being discussed under headlines dire enough to tear B2B demand-gen marketers away from the cat videos. Joe Lazauskas, Editor-in-Chief at Contently (and a fine example of a brand journalist), asks the WWFish question, Did Facebook Just Deliver a Crushing Blow to Native Advertising?

Integrate and Heinz Marketing published a list of 40 Demand Marketers Who Are Changing the Game. We love that list because it’s chock full of Leadscape customers, including Charles Eichenbaum of Microsoft and Jason Seeba of BloomReach (both members of the Leadspace Customer Advisory Board), Heather Berggren of Dell, Alex Papillaud of Intel, Nick Ezzo of Host Analytics, Jenifer Metz of Oracle, and partners/pals like Nikki Nixon and Sangram Vajre of Terminus, and Adam New-Waterson of LeanData.

Congratulations, game changers! If only you could have changed the NBA final.

Good Reads for B2B Marketers

The estimable David Raab has issued a new white paper (with upcoming webinar) called Future-Proof Your Marketing Technology Stack. The solution? Modularity, natch. Bonus: Cool cave painting joke.

Jeff Cohen of Oracle wrote a solid summary of Econsultancy‘s “Future of Content Marketing” report: 5 Actionable Content Marketing Insights from Latest Report. So, this is a summary of a summary of a report.


Scott Brinker interviewed Duane Schulz, Xerox’s chief marketing technologist, in the Chief Marketing Technologist Blog, which should surprise no one. As head of martech for an $18B company, you can bet he has valuable insights. When Scott asked his advice for new marketers, Duane gave a reply that I would wear on a t-shirt:

“Get very comfortable with fundamental martech tools, hone your creative and storytelling skills, and fearlessly dig into data exploration, analytics, insights, and visualization. I believe the future of marketing is in the hands of people who can compose a compelling blog post with personally-generated creative, while laying a few lines of Javascript and building a visualization of the results of the post with some code from D3.”

Now I have to go find out what D3 is.

Did we miss some toppier top news? Tweet a sternly-worded haiku to @Leadspace.

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