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Thursday? How can it be Thursday? If you’ve also had a hard time getting the hang of this foreshortened week, ease your troubled mind with a few B2B marketing news highlights.

Marketo Acquisition News

There aren’t a lot of details yet about Vista Equity Partners’ acquisition of Marketo for $1.79 billion, but here’s the news with some good background info, from TechCrunch. Vista Equity Partners buys marketing automation giant Marketo for $1.8B in cash

Cathy McKnight of Digital Clarity Group attempted to provide some… clarity to what she called a “puzzling” acquisition. Marketo goes private with puzzling acquisition by Vista Equity Partnership

Marketo customers may have questions, but investors are likely feeling pretty good. Shares of Marketo Surge on Vista Equity Purchase

We await the inevitable flood of punditry from pundits who seem to have taken Memorial Day weekend off from punditing.


SiriusDecisions Summit 2016

SiriusDecisions Summit 2016 happened before the Memorial Day weekend so it might as well have been in the last century. If you need a refresher, here are a couple of good wrap-up posts.

SiriusDecisions themselves took the tried-and-true path to getting an event wrap-up post out quickly, which is in itself a blogging best practice. The Best (and Counting!) Tweetable Moments of SiriusDecisions Summit 2016

So did Seismic. If you’re really having a hard time shaking off the weekend, you could compare the two lists of tweets and shout “Bingo!” whenever you find a match. Top 15 Tweets from #SDSummit 2016

A quick and unscientific search shows that SiriusDecisions totally dominated the SiriusDecisions Summit wrap-up post race. Lots of Summit 2016 posts on their blog. Here comes one now. SiriusDecisions Summit 2016 Highlights: An Advance Warning System for Detecting B-to-B Disruptions

MindTickle had some good posts as well, including one that sounds kind of scary, especially if you’re a sales and marketing tech stack. Insights from #SDSummit: Killing the sales and marketing tech stack

We chose to write about the piano player, which seems a little lightweight compared to posts about advanced warning systems and first-degree stackicide, but I stand by the decision. In Predictive Marketing and Prokofiev, Art and Math Work Together


Martech, Marketing and Sales Industry News and Ideas

Barry Levine, writing in Marketing Land, announced the birth of a new cloud. Salesforce creates Commerce Cloud with $2.8 billion purchase of Demandware

Scott Brinker, in the Chief Marketing Technologist Blog, suggests a fascinating theory that the waves of hype around new ideas, like ABM, may be more disruptive than we think, and what to do about it. The disruptive effects of accelerating waves of marketing technology

Apropos of the Marketo news, here’s a cool infographic from Marketing Automation Insider infographically showing how the ecosystem has grown and contracted. It’s a year old, but it has a lot of Pac Mans. Pac Men. Pac Persons. The Rise of Marketing Automation


Good Reads for B2B Marketers

Writing in the Gartner blog, Jake Sorofman eloquently posits that poets “are more coveted in the marketing department than ever before.” (The fact that I majored in English may or may not have influenced the inclusion of this post.) On Poets and Quants in the Marketing Dept. (Or In Defense of English Majors)

Actual ninja Christopher S. Penn of SHIFT Communications launched a very clever blog series called Marketing for Kids. Considering that he points out how tools like Google Trends can be used to help your kids identify a unique product idea, for instance, it’s almost like he intends this to be useful for adults as well. Hmm. I wonder. Marketing For Kids, Part 1: Introduction


Leadspace News

We announced that Charles Eichenbaum of Microsoft, Eric Lewis of RingCentral and Jason Seeba of BloomReach joined our Customer Advisory Board. We’re still pretty excited about it. Three Pioneering B2B Demand Generation Marketers Join Leadspace Customer Advisory Board

And as if that weren’t enough, we also launched the Leadspace B2B Index, full of cool data and insights for people who like data and insights. Especially B2B marketers. Well, primarily B2B marketers.

Anything we missed? Send an angry tweet to @Leadspace.


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