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So at least this week was a real week, with five working days, and Monday feeling like a Monday and Friday feeling like a Friday. Ease yourself into Fred Flintstone mode with a few tall, cold news items.

Martech, Marketing and Sales Industry News and Ideas

I bogged down in the details of what got hacked where, but something happened to 32 million Twitter passwords, and it looks like it wasn’t a good something. Passwords for 32M Twitter accounts may have been hacked and leaked, said TechCrunch.

It was probably way past time for you to change your password, anyway. Here’s a fascinating article from October: These researchers have discovered the perfect password that’s also easy to remember. Here’s a hint: And British fiction engineer Travolta captured bombardier.

David Hershenson of TOPO shared highlights from TOPO Sales Development Council #12. Highlights of the highlights: everyone is struggling to improve SDR effectiveness, the necessity of building a strong Ideal Customer Profile for demand gen, the value of buyer-centric messaging for sales teams and the fact that there exists the term “skilling” to identify the process of getting SDRs together to learn from one another. I guess “lunch ‘n’ learn” isn’t cool enough anymore.

Lithium launches Reach, a Klout-informed social content marketing tool was a headline in Marketing Land under which Barry Levine wrote about the new offering. Here’s the best line from the article: “‘Elsewhere,” Lithium points out, ‘marketers are still throwing spaghetti at walls.'” They say that like it’s a bad thing.

I don’t think my dog likes to be hugged. I’m not saying that to take sides in the online battle over a recent study that says the same thing. I’m just mentioning it to lead into this useful piece by Brian Wallace in CMS Wire, ‘My Dog Hates Hugs’: How Marketers Can Deal With Viral Research.

On the MarketingProfs blog, Vincent Bates says everyone really needs to stop freaking out about the new Instagram algorithm. I’m not freaking out about the new Instagram algorithm, so I’m not even going to read it.

Marketo Acquisition News

Remember last week’s prediction of a flood of analysis of the Marketo acquisition once everybody got back from vacation? Here it comes.

In his Chief Marketing Technologist Blog, Scott Brinker wrote, Big deals for Marketo and Demandware, but what do they mean? Definitely worth a read. As to Marketo, don’t expect massive changes in martech, he concludes. In regards to Salesforce, this better positions them to compete with Oracle, IBM and SAP.

Peter O’Neill said there is some ambiguity about Marketo’s future and admitted, in the Forrester blog, that that’s a tough thing for an analyst to say. Marketo Goes Private: A New Epoch in Marketing Software May Have Just Begun. Peter and Forrester are expecting a “transformation of B2B marketing from a top-notch supplier of leads for the load-bearing sales channel to the architect of customer engagement across the entire customer life cycle.” Maybe that’s where the Vista bucks will go.

If reading about people talking about the Marketo acquisition isn’t enough for you and you’d like to listen to people talking about it, Digital Clarity Group (one of the first out the gate with analysis of the acquisition) held a webinar with Constellation Group. DCG’s Cathy McKnight and Scott Liewehr talked with Constellation Research’s Cindy Zhou and Ray Wang. DCG Webinar Recording: Marketo Goes Private With $1.8 B Acquisition By Vista, What Does It All Mean?

At the risk of being accused of promoting my own company (which seems like an odd thing to accuse a marketer of since, you know, job) Leadspace CEO Doug Bewsher said a lot of smart stuff about the future of Marketo and the very world of B2B marketing. Itself! What the Marketo Acquisition Means for Customers & B2B MarTech.  As former CMO of Skype and Salesforce, he knows his way around an acquisition.

Good Reads for B2B Marketers

In FierceCMO, Patrick Gorman summarized a recent report by the Association of National Advertisers. If you’re a B2B marketer (I think roughly 60 percent of the sentences I write on this blog start that way), you already know B2B marketers need to do more to show value.

In the self-serving category, I offer you a cogent argument by Yoast, the people who make the WordPress SEO plugin that I’m probably using wrong. The importance of quality content for SEO. Good content isn’t just good for SEO, it’s the right thing to do.

DMNews published an informative interview with Jennifer Johnson, VP of Corporate Marketing at (Leadspace customer) RingCentral. She talks about how she realigned the marketing division for maximum efficiency, what she’d like to see in her tech stack and the tools her team already uses. Lists like that are always fun, for some reason. Meet the Marketer: Jennifer Johnson of RingCentral.

If you don’t immediately want to read The Secret Life of Jane Fawcett, Codebreaker just from the title, I’m not sure what more I can say. Except maybe this: Bletchley.

Leadspace News

Our CEO Doug Bewsher was all over the place, talking about account-based marketing in MarTech Advisor (Interview with Doug Bewsher, CEO – Leadspace) and scaling a startup culture as your company grows in Forbes (How One CEO Is Scaling Culture In A Growing Tech Startup).

Anything we missed? Alert us with a friendly “ahoy” directed to @Leadspace.



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