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For years, B2C marketers have had an edge over their B2B counterparts. A secret weapon that was inexplicably missing from the arsenals of us B2B marketers (and salespeople, for that matter).

In fact, more inexplicably still, it wasn’t really a secret. It just didn’t exist in the world of B2B marketing. And yet, if you’re doing anything related to B2B lead generation, you may or may not have heard of it, but you most definitely feel its absence.

Demand gen marketers feel it, as boring data management tasks slowly suck the life from them, distracting them from the things they do best (and actually enjoy): launching creative, effective campaigns which generate quality leads. As they woefully survey their cluttered Marketing Automation Platforms. While they struggle to meet Sales’ demand for qualified leads as a direct result of a chronic lack of actionable, accurate data and intelligence — for both their leads and accounts.

Marketing ops people feel it, as they fight their neverending battle against inefficiency, and the S-word. Silos. It’s an overused word, but a very real problem. How can marketing form a coherent picture of their target audiences when they can’t effectively integrate so many disparate data technologies?

Sales feel it too, as they wrack their brains, wondering why they keep being fielded “qualified” leads… which aren’t qualified. They also feel it whenever they join their marketing department’s frantic scramble for actionable intel on the leads and accounts they needed to engage.

B2B Audience Management Platform: The long overdue solution to B2B marketing’s data problems

“It” is called an Audience Management Platform, and it provides both marketers and sales reps with all the data and intelligence they need to know who their audiences are, where to find them, and how to reach them. Audience Management Platforms give B2C marketers a 360-view of each of their customers — across their entire total available market.

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For B2B marketers, this almost sounds like pure fantasy. We deal with “leads” and “accounts”, and piece together whatever data we can about those faceless data sets from a hodgepodge of inbound marketing efforts like form fills, and outbound prospecting via data vendors — supplemented with a whole lot of Googling and digging through social media.

But it doesn’t have to be this way. In fact, it shouldn’t be this way. Your “data” represents real people. And all the talk in the world about “account-based marketing” can’t change the fact that ultimately, you’re selling to people.

You need to know your audiences in order to market — or sell — to them effectively.

That’s why Leadspace is excited to unveil the first-ever B2B Audience Management Platform.

Watch Leadspace CEO Doug Bewsher explain the significance of this evolution of B2B marketing technology:

So, what exactly is an Audience Management Platform? How can it help you be a more effective marketer — without overhauling your existing marketing stack?

Download our free white paper to find out:

Leadspace B2B Audience Management Platform

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