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Salesforce Einstein and the Challenge of AI for B2B Marketing

Doug Bewsher


The launch of Salesforce Einstein, together with their acquisition of Krux and recent announcements by Oracle and Microsoft, has catapulted AI into the center of the B2B marketing discussion. Much like account-based marketing (ABM), everyone is trying to carve out their niche. The fact is, predictive analytics is the precursor of artificial intelligence for B2B. It is the backbone of AI’s ability to find relevant prospects, both companies and individuals, to know who the decision makers are to drive ABM campaigns, and aggregate and validate all the data needed to reach them.

The Biggest Challenge to Salesforce Einstein and AI Adoption for B2B Marketing

As I told Demand Gen Report, data is AI’s Achilles’ heel. No matter how good the algorithms, AI will not produce usable insights and information to drive demand generation if you cripple it with the static data in your CRM or purchased from traditional data vendors.

B2B marketers know that salespeople don’t care about advances in martech. They only care about good leads that can be contacted. AI is certainly at the hype stage right now, and the hype will only grow. To succeed in B2B, AI needs up-to-date, accurate data to work with. Marketers are seeing decreasing results from marketing automation, including lower open rates and conversions, primarily because they are using stale data from their CRM or traditional data vendors. Solving that problem is fundamental to the success of AI. The solution is on-demand data, aggregated in real time.

B2B Marketers Need More From Artificial Intelligence

Dreamforce is always the best place to see the Salesforce vision of the future. The Krux acquisition reflects their push into B2C marketing. Einstein will be awesome for sales acceleration. But B2B demand gen marketers need a complete understanding and approach across all channels, whether they use Eloqua, Marketo, HubSpot, BlueKai, Adobe or others.

A platform like Leadspace, with years of experience bringing data and artificial intelligence together across the marketing stack for leading B2B companies, brings AI to B2B marketing today.

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