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Leadspace recently co-sponsored an ABM Happy Hour in Denver together with Marketo, featuring Craig Rosenberg of TOPO and other B2B marketing thought-leaders. It was a really great opportunity to share ABM best practices, and to hear practical examples of how marketing and sales people throughout the B2B space are implementing account-based marketing to such great success.

What’s clear by now is that the ABM hype stage is truly over; as my colleague Noam predicted at the start of this year, account-based marketing has become a part of the B2B scenery. Now we’re seeing the early (and even not-so-early) adopters begin to reap the rewards.

There certainly were some very useful success stories at the Denver event. One such story was shared by Matt Rushing, Manager of Conversion Marketing at SendGrid, a Leadspace customer.

Matt’s team were looking to expand beyond a purely inbound marketing approach, and saw account-based marketing as an ideal template for their new outbound strategy.

Naturally, they worked closely with Sales to create an Ideal Customer Profile (ICP), and through that to compile a focused list of target accounts (or “named accounts“).

So far, so good. But ABM isn’t a one-size-fits-all model — it’s an approach to demand generation that will inevitably vary in many ways, according to each company’s unique needs and circumstances.

For SendGrid, a unique challenge threatened to torpedo their ABM campaign before it even got started. A leader in the email marketing space, SendGrid services such a wide variety of customers that pinning down a precise Ideal Customer Profile proved very tricky.

“The problem with our ICP is that with SendGrid, a high value customer is (defined as) someone who sends a lot of email. It’s not an enterprise business; it’s not someone with a certain role… or in a certain industry,” Matt explained. “We can have a 10-person company sending 10 million emails a month, and an enterprise business on the 10 dollar per-month plan.”

Matt’s team responded by taking “a step back,” and analyzing their existing database more closely. Instead of simply segmenting by superficial characteristics like job title or industry, they use Leadspace to drill down deep into their data, and draw out the more relevant, personal traits and trends hidden in their marketing database.

Then Leadspace Audience Modeling applies a layer of Artificial Intelligence, to create personas and score prospects and customers based on their more accurate ICP.

This has taken some of the heavy lifting off their shoulders of their marketing and sales people, by helping to automate their target account lists compilation in Salesforce.

“We can sort and say ‘These are our valuable customers; these are the traits that make a valuable, high ASP customer.'”

It was great to hear that SendGrid have already closed a number of deals as a result of this new approach to demand generation.

Understanding how companies of all shapes and sizes are finding creative ways, highly effective ways to leverage ABM was a really interesting experience.

Here’s how another Leadspace customer used our AI platform to increase their ABM conversion rates by 20%:

How Tipalti Increased Conversion Rates by 20% with Leadspace Look-alike Modeling

Picture credit: StockSnap| CC0 Public Domain

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