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Account-based marketing (ABM) has risen in popularity within the B2B marketing world for two primary reasons. First, it gets results. A survey by Demand Metric revealed 60 percent of B2B businesses who adopt ABM see significant increases in revenue within the first 12 months. Another, by Altera, reported 97 percent of companies using ABM said it provided higher ROI than other marketing initiatives. The experience of Leadspace customers such as RingCentral and Spigit bear out those statistics.

Second, it’s not rocket science. ABM can be relatively simply integrated into your existing marketing strategy, and it’s based on marketing fundamentals (like marketing and sales alignment and addressing specific customer needs) that you’re probably doing already.

ABM does, however, require some important shifts in thinking, as outlined in our latest ABM ebook with Oracle Marketing Cloud. Chief among those is an added emphasis on data.

ABM puts even more focus on B2B data quality and insights

ABM realigns the way businesses think about their customers, to view accounts (companies) as markets of one, and make them the focus of their marketing efforts. But ultimately, even an ABM approach to lead generation still boils down to engaging with the key influencers (i.e. individual leads) within your target accounts.

Often, this will mean tailoring your marketing to a very select group of decision-makers within that account (maybe even to just one or two), who will typically be fairly well-informed already. Generic marketing won’t work – you’ll need to understand your audience on a very personal level to customize your messaging accordingly.

ABM requires the ability to automatically match leads to accounts

On a more strategic level there are requirements like lead-to-account matching. It’s not enough to have good data on your leads and accounts separately—you need to make them work together. If you don’t know which leads are associated with which accounts and vice-versa, your sales and marketing teams could end up wasting countless hours chasing dead-end “opportunities.”

Learn more about ABM, data, predictive and more at Oracle OpenWorld

Leadspace Founder and CTO Amnon Mishor was on a panel addressing these topics and more at the recent Oracle OpenWorld conference in San Francisco. The session, “Elevate B2B Account-Based Marketing with Data-Driven Strategies,” will take place at 12:15 p.m. at Moscone West. It was an impressive lineup:

  • Niraj Deo, Sr. Director, Product Management, Oracle
  • Atul Singh, Marketing Director, DELL Inc
  • Michael Burton, Co Founder, SVP Data Sales, Bombora
  • Amnon Mishor, Founder & CTO, Leadspace
  • Amanda Kahlow, CEO, 6sense

Read our full coverage of the fascinating panel discussion here: B2B Marketing’s Future is Built on Three Pillars – Oracle OpenWorld Panel Report

The panel offered a unique look into the future of B2B marketing, data, programmatic, predictive and ABM, and how they all come together around data.

And for more information on how to operationalize ABM for your business, check out our latest ABM ebook, written in partnership with Oracle Marketing Cloud:

Leadspace Oracle B2B lead generation ABM Guide for Modern Marketers

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