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Spigit, a leader in innovation management software with over 5 million users, had a curious problem: too many leads.

How could that possibly be a problem, you ask? Well, generating leads is great — but if they don’t convert, it’s an exercise in futility. If you’re casting too wide a net in marketing, the end result is a sales department overloaded with unqualified leads — who aren’t going to be very happy. And that just means even more pressure on marketing.

That was precisely the problem Spigit faced: plenty of inbound leads, but too many of them were just unqualified.

Marketing needs to be intelligent: you’re objective as a marketer is to increase pipeline and optimize conversion. Particularly in B2B marketing, you should never be sacrificing quality for sheer quantity.

Spigit’s marketing team wanted to increase their ROI and cut back on countless wasted hours chasing dead-end leads. They found their solution in Leadspace B2B Audience Management Platform.

White Paper: What is a B2B Audience Management Platform?

Spigit enriched their databases with 80+ data fields per contact. That granular-level intelligence provided sales and marketing with invaluable information on every lead. Even more crucially, Spigit was finally able to accurately qualify and prioritize accounts and leads for ABM using Leadspace’s lead-to-account matching capabilities.

The results were an apt illustration of why ABM is so popular — if you’re using the right supporting technologies. Spigit’s lead conversion rate increased by 100% — and at the same time, they saw a 54% decrease in the time it took to convert leads.

In other words, Spigit doubled lead conversion and more than halved their conversion velocity.

In real terms, the time it took for Spigit’s SDR team to convert leads dropped from 37 days to just 17.

Check out the full case study to see how they did it:

How Spigit Double Lead Conversion, in Half the Time -- Leadspace Case Study

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