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I enjoyed the fact that SiriusDecisions had classical pianist Diana Pand on stage at their SiriusDecisions Summit 2016. It was so much more dignified than the typical blare of canned music that opens most events. And I can think of no better way to reflect the conference theme; marketing and marketing technology in particular is a combination of art and science. That’s what I love so much about classical music and what I love so much about building technology for the marketing space.

Even so, I would have loved to make suggestions for the program. As much as I respect Beethoven and Mozart—true revolutionaries of their time—they have become a bit too mainstream in our time. There are later composers who went further in demonstrating huge, complex mathematical structures in their music with revolutionary creativity and innovation, and received amazing levels of audience engagement. (Didn’t I say marketing and classical music are closely related?)

Mahler or Stravinsky, for example, would be a great choice. To emphasize the mathematical aspect of marketing, especially with the continued evolution of predictive analytics, they could have selected Schoenberg. But then you would have seen people in the audience leaving before the keynote began. (That’s what happens when you get too mathematical and forget that the idea is to engage normal people.)

Chopin could be a very pleasant and romantic choice, but frankly there’s nothing particularly romantic about B2B marketing.

One enjoyable aspect of my classical music hobby is intentionally annoying my colleagues at the office when I change our office Sonos to, for instance, Debussy. Someone always asks, “Who’s playing this elevator music?” With the deep thinking and emotion they put into their work, I’m not sure Mr. Debussy or Mr. Brahms would have appreciated their masterpieces being played as background music, chosen so as not to distract too much from work.

Just like the marketing department doesn’t deserve it when the sales team treats them that way.

Here are my top five classical compositions to enjoy while thinking about predictive analytics for B2B demand generation. (How’s that for clickbait?)

  • Mahler – Symphony No. 9 in D
  • Brahms – Piano Concerto No. 2
  • Mendelssohn – Violin Concerto in E Minor
  • Stravinsky – The Firebird
  • Beethoven – Piano Sonata No. 17 in D minor

photo of Diana Pand from SiriusDecisions’ Twitter feed

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