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Last week’s MarketingProfs B2B Forum 2015 in Boston had something for nearly every marketer, whether in lead generation, demand generation, content marketing, social media marketing, predictive analytics and lots of other SEO keywords.

If I had to sum up the key theme of the event (and that’s certainly a helpful blogging technique), it was the necessity of understanding your customers and the business problems keeping them awake at night, then finding ways to help them solve those problems. Also, how to tell your story so that it’s fun and interesting.

Two. Two key themes.

Lazily, I have compiled some tweets that caught my eye, summed up the spirit of the event, had pretty pictures, or featured me.

Carlos Hidalgo pointed out that you can’t create useful content if you don’t understand your customers.

To put it another way, as Joe Pulizzi did:  

Hard to say it better than this:

Ron Ploof shared this image to inspire attendees who think they don’t have a story to tell. There are lots of ways to get to Story Street. (I don’t think he said it like that, so if that sounds dopey, it’s my fault.)

Doug Kessler shared what may be my favorite slide of the entire event, because it reminds me that not only is it a challenge to tell a really great story in a B2B context, but when you find one you have to try hard not to ruin it.

The Smartest Man in Marketing, Christopher S. Penn, cautioned marketers to be deliberate about their metrics, and their intent in measuring them.

Andy Crestodina made a highly-retweeted point that took a key theme of the entire event and made it very practical. If you bury customer testimonials on one page of your website, no one will see them.

Heidi Cohen shared one of those cool stats that I always write down and still forget to do anything about. Takeaway: More pictures! Fewer words!

Holly Chessman and Jeffrey L. Cohen’s session on B2B content to drive traffic and leads got a lot of attention, in part for the great stats flying back and forth (us content marketers love stats that prove what we do is valuable). They also did a great job of promoting their session and extending its shelf life with a blog post on

Avinash Kaushik, digital marketing evangelist at Google, garnered a lot of tweets, and not just because of the salty language. Avinash hates funnels.

Avinash suggests a measurement strategy that recognizes your buyer’s journey isn’t always linear.

Ashley Zeckman of Top Rank Blog was at the event, and wrote quite a few useful posts (which is a content marketing best practice all by itself). She wrote a great one on Avinash’s talk.   “Content today must compete with pictures of babies and kittens,” says Michael Brenner of NewsCred. He shared the slides from his content marketing plan session while the event was still going on, which is really smart (but so is he). Plus, people love “how to” guides.

“Graphic recorder” Kelly Kingman did a fantastic job of capturing the keynotes with words and images. Lots of people tweeted photos of her creations.

Kelly obviously enjoys her job.

Ashley ’s wrap-up post for TopRank was especially good, and not just because I’m in it.

Now that I’ve gone through the hashtag stream again, I’m left with one key takeaway above all others: If you want to get attention at an event, send a capable writer to capture useful content and share it in near-real time. TopRank basically won MarketingProfs B2B by employing that strategy.

main image yoinked from Ann Handley’s Instagram feed | I regret nothing

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