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Leadspace’s Kylee Hall Named to Top 30 Most Influential Women in B2B Marketing Technology

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David B. Thomas

Senior Director of Inbound Marketing at Leadspace

Leadspace’s Senior Director of Marketing Kylee Hall has been named one of the Top 30 Most Influential Women in B2B Marketing Technology, in a list published today by Heinz Marketing. The list includes leaders in B2B martech, predictive analytics, lead and demand generation and account-based marketing, as well as analysts. The list is based on Twitter influence and level of engagement on marketing technology topics and hashtags.

Doug Bewsher
Doug Bewsher

“I’m very proud that a key member of the Leadspace team has been recognized for her achievements,” said Leadspace CEO Doug Bewsher. “Kylee has been extremely effective in evangelizing how big data and analytics can transform B2B marketing. She is also a great role model for the team at Leadspace and for all women in marketing.”

“Kylee is a rockstar,” said Sherrod Patching, Leadspace’s vice president of customer success. “From the moment I arrived she has been a tremendous source of knowledge, insight and support.”

Sherrod Patching
Sherrod Patching

“I’m very happy to see more women being recognized for their extraordinary contributions to marketing technology,” added Travis Kaufman, vice president of product for Leadspace. “Kylee is one of the smartest and most capable marketers I’ve worked with.”

Travis Kaufman
Travis Kaufman

Kylee has 15 years experience in marketing including positions at IBM, Marin Software and The Nielsen Company. At Leadspace she leads the product marketing and demand generation team, overseeing strategy and campaigns.

“I hold Matt Heinz and his team in high regard,” Hall said. “So I’m flattered, to say the least, that they not only named me to this list, but that I’m in the company of some amazing and influential women.”

In his post on the Heinz Marketing blog, Brian Hansford wrote, “These martech insiders are well-versed in the dynamics of marketing technology from marketing automation, Salesforce, to digital marketing. They are leading women in the martech community both on social platforms, and in their careers. Some are leading as entrepreneurs. Many are senior executives, marketing specialists and analysts innovating with marketing technology at key corporations.”

Heinz Marketing, led by Matt Heinz, is a B2B marketing and sales acceleration firm that works with top companies and marketing technology leaders. They understand the industry, and the increasing contributions of women. They also understand there is room for more.

“Out of the Top 150 martech influencers, 32.67% are women,” Hansford wrote. “Clearly, there is room for more women to lead the way in martech as the industry continues to evolve and expand.”

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