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The Leadspace Technology Stack

Yair Galler

R&D Team Lead

In the real-time predictive analytics space, Leadspace shines a spotlight on our customers’ target audience with unparalleled accuracy. That accuracy and speed makes the engineering of our product as exciting as the business problems it solves. As one of the R&D Team Leads at Leadspace, I’d like to introduce the technology stack we work with.

The Leadspace “Virtual Database” sets the platform apart from other predictive analytics technologies. The Leadspace Virtual Database provides the most complete source of truth available anywhere, as it’s built on data from many structured and unstructured sources. This means the Leadspace Platform must ingest, qualify, store, and analyze all this data to build the Virtual Database—in real time. The Leadspace R&D Team uses a host of technologies to manage and process this immense set of data, including MySQL, MongoDB, Couchbase, Elasticsearch, Spark, and others.

The foundation of our architecture is based on microservices, and a great benefit of said architecture is that it allows dozens of internal services or different technology stacks to talk to one-another via API. This frees different analytics services to use slightly different stacks, optimized by case, and they still work seamlessly with the rest of the system via internal REST APIs.

The core business of Leadspace is based on the Platform’s ability to gain insights into our customers’ data.  To that end, our team of data scientists designs sophisticated analytics services that process all the data flowing through our system. This team works most often with Scala and Python. Much of the original business functionality in the Leadspace Platform, however, uses Java. While the R&D Team also uses more modern languages, there is an advantage to working with a technology so mature and pervasive.

On the client-facing side of the Platform, the SaaS application is written in Javascript with Backbone as the MVC framework. In addition, we use many other awesome front-end technologies, such as AngularJS and D3, throughout our forward-facing and back-office web applications. This enables our Platform to be responsive and stable—facilitating our users’ interactions with the extreme analytic horsepower running behind the scenes.

The sophistication of the Leadspace Platform allows the Leadspace R&D Team to handle the daily technological challenges that come with staying on top of an evolving space and ever-growing data sources, and provide our customers with the highest quality lead enrichment, discovery, and predictive scoring on the market.

Questions? Curious about something in particular? Email us at info@leadspace.com. We’re always eager to share and learn what others are doing in the data space.