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This is the first in a series of best practices blogs from Leadspace’s Customer Success team.

When it comes to sending email campaigns, it goes without saying that a CEO is going to expect different messaging than a customer success manager. Being able to ensure that you have tailored, personalized messages for each ‘persona’ type is key to delivering the right content to the right person.

Over the past few years, the number of people involved in a large technology purchase has increased from five to seven, according to an IDC Survey.

Below are 5 variables that we often see customers segment their inbound traffic or their marketing automation databases based on, and that we ourselves segment based on:

  1. Predictive Persona (Primary)
  2. Department (default)
  3. Level (default)
  4. Company Employee Range or Revenue Range (Secondary)
  5. Technologies used

Predictive Persona (Primary)

Using your defined Leadspace Ideal Customer Profile (ICP), each inbound lead gets a best fit score against the most appropriate profile when there is a fit.

Because the ICP takes into account not just title, department, job signals and technologies but also those semantically related as each of these fields can be noisy at best, segmenting based on ICP is going to give the most defined and actionable segments.

Watch: How Leadspace Predictive Scoring works

It is recommended as a part of your marketing automation set up to test a set of leads against the profiles to ensure there is not much overlap, so that each inbound lead is clearly defined against one persona.

This is by far the easiest setup, and your rule set in Marketo would look something like this:

Leadspace predictive persona example

Department, Level (Default)

If a lead can’t be segmented by the persona, then the default (or fallback) segmentation could be department and level, depending on how you have tailored your messaging.  Department allows you to be interest-specific, and level ensures that a VP-level person and an assistant get seniority-specific.

These are both fields that are provided through Leadspace Audience Data Management and can be segmented on when the lead isn’t a great fit to one of your predictive personas.

Watch: How Leadspace Audience Data Management works

Industry & Company Revenue (Secondary)

Once you have your initial person-level segmentation, additional company-level segmentation can help further tailor your messaging.

For example, messaging to a small company of 50 or less might be about how Leadspace helps them find their perfect buyers and perfect accounts for their 2017 growth strategies. Messaging to a company of 50,000 or more on the other hand might be about how to enable their data management services to have clear marketing campaign planning for 2017.

These can also be used as a catch-all for any leads not segmented by the above variables, as Leadspace populates these fields 99% of the time.

Technologies Used  (Secondary)

Knowing that one of your Ideal Customers is using a competitive technology could enter them into a competitive content track, or the same is true for those using complementary technologies. Once you have segmented by ICP, a secondary level of segmentation on technologies used would mean that you could for example have a specific campaign aimed just at VPs of Sales Ops that use your competitors’ technologies.

These are the top 5 data points of 80+ data points that Leadspace provides and that we often see customers use for their lead nurturing programs. Without these key variables your segmentation would look something more like this:











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Leadspace Audience Management Platform -- White Paper










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