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At Leadspace, we have always firmly believed that marketers and salespeople alike need, and deserve, a single source of truth for data.

That’s always been our vision: creating a holistic, data-agnostic platform for Marketing and Sales — one that combines first-party data with accurate, comprehensive third-party data and intelligence (via AI analytics), to provide highly actionable recommendations to find, engage and convert more of their ideal customers and prospects.

No more cumbersome data warehouses; no more disparate data providers/silos and analytics point solutions to juggle, while struggling to figure out what’s truly accurate and what’s not. Just a single platform which brings together all the right data, and squeezes out precisely the intelligence Sales and Marketing need to excel at what they do best.

Data + Intelligence: The Future of B2B Marketing

Over the past year, we have seen this vision recognized and, increasingly, embraced by the wider B2B space. Last year, following Leadspace’s strong performance in Forrester’s B2B data and analytics reports, we felt confident that we would soon see these disparate data and analytics point solutions “used symbiotically” in a “holistic approach — one which we believe will come to define the future of B2B demand generation.”

So it’s with great excitement that we announce Leadspace’s ranking, together with a select handful of companies, as a “leader” in The Forrester Wave™: B2B Marketing Data Providers, Q3 2018 report.

While describing Leadspace’s evolution “into a comprehensive data management solution”, Forrester clearly recognizes that “data” is no longer about raw information (or “big data”) alone. Rather, the report emphasizes “Three strategic catalysts [that] have raised the importance of data and the insights it engenders cementing its place as the foundation for all successful B2B marketing and sales.”

As I wrote last year: “only through a single platform which brings both big data and predictive intelligence [i.e. insights] together can Marketing or Sales effectively execute on either one.”

Forrester further recognizes Leadspace as “a best fit for B2B marketers looking for a data platform with advanced data integration and management capabilities.”

“Building a data-agnostic data management platform is the optimal strategy for long-term success,” Forrester adds, also noting that Leadspace “leverages AI and analytics to ingest and integrate data from proprietary, aggregated, and customer first-party sources to create rich account and contact profiles for use across the martech and sales stack.”

This exciting recognition by Forrester — not just of Leadspace itself, but of our very vision for the future of B2B demand generation — is an important milestone in our journey. It is the collective result of the efforts and collaboration of our amazing customers, partners, investors and, most importantly, our incredible teams here in the US and in Israel.

There are plenty more exciting developments to come, so watch this space!

You can read the full Forrester report here.

If you’re interested in a more in-depth review and analysis on the report and what it means for the wider B2B industry, check out our exclusive webinar with Forrester’s Steve Casey:

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