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2018 was a transformative year for B2B Sales and Marketing, and an incredible year for Leadspace.

The Martech space generally continues to evolve and change rapidly. This is especially true in B2B, with many companies seeing seeing shifts in the way they align sales to marketing through ABM strategies; the growing importance of GDPR and the upcoming potential similar regulations in the US; and a continued focus on the digital journey in B2B.

Behind all of this is a recognition that data is fundamental to the success of these activities. ABM requires you to have a great list of target accounts based not just on gut instinct, but on data and analysis, leveraging both customer fit and intent data relating to the actual people within those accounts that buy things, so real engagement can happen. Personalized engagement requires similar data and intelligence. This shift was well highlighted in the “The Forrester Wave™: B2B Marketing Data Providers, Q3 2018” report, which noted that “Data Is Now The Foundation Of All Successful B2B Marketing And Sales.”

At the same time, the explosion of data sources in 2018 has been faster than ever. Everyone seems to provide some flavor of intent data these days, and I expect this will only continue as more companies look to leverage the opportunities. While this presents some great opportunities, it is also creating a great deal of confusion (where have we seen this before!). Businesses adopting intent solutions must ensure they are able to determine the pertinent “signals” from the noise, and have ways to connect those specific, relevant insights (not just the raw “data”) into the myriad of customer touchpoints — from CRM to Marketing Automation, to ABM ad tools and Sales Op tools. That’s a tall order, but this challenge must be met in order to provide a consistent customer experience.

In 2018, B2B Marketing and Sales leaders realized that Customer Data Platforms (CDPs) present the ideal solution to this challenge — as they have already been doing for years in B2C. We’re proud that Leadspace has been at the forefront of this transformation.

Watch: Introducing Leadspace B2B Customer Data Platform:

And, more than anything else, our customers’ amazing results reflect that reality.

Throughout 2018, Leadspace customers like SAP, Hewlett Packard Enterprise, Extreme Networks, Marketo, N3, Sovos, OneLogin and many more have shared their incredible success stories in case studies and at industry trade shows and events. Successes like 55% higher win rates, 100% increases in engagement with their marketing campaigns, and 40% higher ASP — driven by our winning combination of data, intent signals and AI.

These amazing success stories have fueled a record-breaking year for Leadspace. In 2018, we doubled our growth in terms of Annual Recurring Revenue (ARR), and continued to expand our teams with new talent in San Francisco, Denver, and Israel. Our success among enterprise companies in particular stood out, with a 76% increase in enterprise customer revenue and exciting new customers in 2018, including 8×8, Splunk and Iron Mountain.

We also continued to expand and strengthen our strategic partnerships. Last year, Leadspace joined LaunchPoint™ by Marketo®, as part of the Accelerate partner program. We also expanded our partnerships with leading data providers, including with leading B2B intent data providers Bombora and G2Crowd. Leadspace customers are already benefiting from these partnerships — like OneLogin, who used Leadspace and Bombora together to align Sales and Marketing, significantly increase marketing engagement, drive faster sales cycles and win more valuable deals:

With that incredible momentum behind us, 2019 is shaping up to be more exciting still, as we continue to build out our Customer Data Platform with a range of new products, features and capabilities.

Watch this space!

Driving Revenue With a B2B Customer Data Platform - Leadspace

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