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  • Building B2B Buyer Profiles

    Buyer profile data inputs

    The goal? To deliver effective campaigns targeted at the best opportunities within our Total Addressable Market (TAM) – at the lowest cost. Doing this successfully starts with creating complete, accurate, dynamic and unified buyer profiles of people, accounts and buying centers so we can properly prioritize and target opportunities with data-driven assurance that we’re delivering […]

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  • Leadspace Revenue Profiling

    Optimizing Sales Territories

    The breadth of our third-party data is best-in-class. Our data comes pre-blended and is automatically updated – no more siloed data! Your sales, marketing and product teams can operate in alignment from the same data. When someone switches jobs or a company is acquired, it will be reflected in their buyer profiles.

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  • Optimizing Sales Territories

    Optimizing Sales Territories

    Traditionally, determining sales territories is done by hand withtedious math on spreadsheets – using a lot of guesswork andassumptions about which accounts might be in a certain regionand how much they might be worth. Creating modern salesterritories today, however, can be done in five easy steps byleveraging a customer data platform, account fit or lookalikemodels […]

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  • Lead-to-Account Matching

    Lead-to-Account Matching

    Execute intelligent ABM, route leads faster and more accurately, and connect your salespeople with the right people at the right companies by automatically connecting account data to leads.

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  • Leadspace for Account-Based Marketing

    Leadspace for Account-Based Marketing

    Drive high-impact ABM programs with the Leadspace Customer Data Platform — data, intelligence and action in one place.

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  • Leadspace for Ads

    Leadspace for Ads

    Drive targeted, impactful digital ad campaigns, for cohesive, personalized customer experience. Create custom audiences with Leadspace data and AI — then activate across leading ad platforms, to reach 400+ end-destinations. Use analytics and closed-loop feedback to monitor and optimize your campaigns over time.

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  • Find, create and prioritize closeable business.

    Find, Create, and Prioritize Closeable Business Poster Image

    Find, create and prioritize closeable business. The Leadspace Buyer Data Platform is the #1 B2B Customer Data Platform (CDP). Its industry-leading B2B Buyer Data Graph uses tens of thousands of real-time buying signals to build and operationalize a company’s total addressable market, ideal customer profiles (ICP), fit, intent and engagement scoring models. Sales and marketing […]

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  • Leadspace B2B Customer Data Platform

    A graphical representation of a unified B2B graph

    Leadspace B2B Customer Data Platform The Leadspace CDP is a comprehensive platform purpose-built for B2B, and recognized as a Strong Performer by Forrester (The Forrester Wave: B2B Customer Data Platforms, Q4, 2023). Our platform unifies data from any source, whether first-party (internal/proprietary) or third-party (external) — with embedded data from 30+ trusted sources built-in. The […]

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  • Leadspace for SmartForms

    Iconography showing the key benefits of Leadspace Smartforms

    Improve conversions and get better quality leads by injecting the power of the Leadspace CDP into your web forms. You don’t have to choose between inbound lead quantity and quality. SmartForms validates and enriches every lead from your website forms, in real-time, so you can make your forms as short as possible and still get […]

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  • Leadspace for Salesforce

    A quote by Jon Jagelsky - With Leadspace for Salesforce we're confident we're targeting the right prospects with the right offerings, throughout the Sales funnel.

    Close bigger, better deals and shorten Sales cycles — without leaving your CRM Leadspace for Salesforce provides on-demand insights into who your ideal customers are, where they are located,when to reach out, and how to convert them. This means: More efficient and precise sales operations—from territory planning, to lead-to-account matching and lead routing, to mapping […]

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  • Master your Account Hierarchies, Master your Go-to-Market Efforts

    Iconography showing the path of problems when trying to understand your go-to-market efforts

    Solving the B2B Data Mess with Leadspace Account Mastering… Many companies deal with messy data that makes it hard for sales and marketing teams to do their jobs effectively. Even teams with the best tools often find the customer data available in their CRMs or MAPs isn’t much better than that found in the messy […]

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  • Leadspace B2B Buyer Data Platform

    Unified B2B Graph

    The Leadspace CDP is a comprehensive platform purpose-built for B2B, and recognized as a leader by Forrester (Forrester New Wave: B2B Customer Data Platforms, Q4, 2021). Our platform unifies data from any source, whether first-party (internal/proprietary) or third-party (external) — with embedded data from 30+ trusted sources built-in. The CDP applies AI to create unified […]

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