Leadspace for Salesforce

Close bigger, better deals and shorten Sales cycles — without leaving your CRM

Leadspace for Salesforce provides on-demand insights into who your ideal customers are, where they are located,
when to reach out, and how to convert them.

This means:

  • More efficient and precise sales operations—from territory planning, to lead-to-account matching and lead routing, to mapping account hierarchies.
  • More effective customer outreach & engagement, leading to higher conversion rates and bigger deals.

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Jason Seeba
Chief Marketing Technologist

“Leadspace systematically helps us find and prioritize the right people in our target accounts. We can map our universe – one of the core tenets of our account-based marketing strategy at BloomReach.”

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A quote by Jon Jagelsky - With Leadspace for Salesforce we're confident we're targeting the right prospects with the right offerings, throughout the Sales funnel.