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  • The Hidden Power of Buyer Personas

    The Hidden Power of Buyer Personas

    Having accurate buyer personas is critical particularly in our era of hyperpersonalization. Before you can sell, you need to know who your content and campaigns are supposed to be talking to, including what painpoints they have, and how best to engage them.

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  • Why B2B Needs a CDP

    Why B2B Needs a CDP

    Whether you’re trying to deliver the personalized experiences B2B buyers now expect, need to optimize your ABM programs by defining a more accurate ideal customer profile to find the best lookalike accounts and learn what they’re doing so you can prioritize your spend, or to even take advantage of all the AI-powered functionality showing up […]

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  • Considering Intent Data?

    Considering Intent Data

    B2B Marketing and Sales leaders are constantly looking for the next innovative method to give them a competitive edge—particularly in driving revenue for their business.

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  • The 4-Step Scoring Program for ABM Success

    Intro slide to the four step scoring program for ABM success

    Scoring is an important tool for B2B Marketing and Sales. Whether you’re dealing with demand generation, marketing/sales ops, or any form of customer engagement—scoring helps personalize engagement by identifying and prioritizing your prospects, and understanding their business needs. As important as account and lead scoring are for “traditional” demand gen, they’re even more critical for […]

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  • Take Your Data to the Next Level: The Marketer's Guide to Running a Comprehensive Data Test

    Intro slide - Take your data to the next level, the marketer's guid to running a comprehensive data test

    By now, most marketers recognize that data is one of their most important assets. But obtaining, managing and making sense of your customer data is also one of the greatest challenges facing B2B marketers today. There are so many data solutions out there, with different constellations of offerings, that it’s hard to know which work, […]

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