Understand and Engage
Your Audiences
Throughout the Funnel

Use accurate, real time data and
intelligence to optimize every stage
of your marketing and sales funnel.

Leadspace Customer Data Platform enables B2B Marketing and Sales to understand and engage with their customers at every stage of the funnel.


Generate more qualified pipeline

Pinpoint and select your target audiences (on both the lead and account level), personalize campaigns to reach those prospects effectively, and then activate those campaigns across multiple channels — from email, to direct mail, to online ads.

Make the most of your database

Keep your database clean, up-to-date and enriched with all the information you need to maximize your existing data for high-impact marketing — and create new opportunities by reactivating cold leads in your database.

Increase conversion rates

Qualify and segment your leads in real time for swift and accurate lead routing. Predictive intelligence lets you know who to target next and how for maximum effect.


Close more deals, more quickly

All the data and intelligence you need at your fingertips to execute effective account planning; ensure your databases are always up-to-date; to know who is most likely to buy and why; and consistently find new qualified prospects who closely resemble their best existing customers. Use intent data to know when your prospects are ready to buy.

Turnkey integrations with both leading CRMs and Marketing Automation Platforms means no more misalignment with Marketing.

Account-Based Marketing

Select the right target accounts

Align Sales and Marketing on the right account intelligence to understand their audiences – with deep, real-time, highly actionable insights into their target accounts and buying centers; accurately select and prioritize which accounts to go after and when; and discover net-new accounts which closely resemble their best existing customers.

Increase account engagement & pipeline

Leverage intent data and signals to monitor accounts’ buyer journeys and predict the right time to engage; accurately and swiftly match leads to the right accounts; and monitor contacts in real-time to ensure timely, effective engagement on the individual-level.

Engage the right people with the right message

Personalize engagement using real-time data enrichment to gain a full, holistic view of your prospects; turn that raw data into actionable intelligence by identifying your ideal buyer personas; and use site-level matching capabilities to avoid duplicated efforts and confused messaging.

Create Your Space

From the millions of potential buyers of your product, Leadspace helps you focus on the buyers who are most likely to purchase your product.

Real-time at Scale
Action on the data and intelligence in cross-channel marketing campaigns in real-time.
Single Source of Truth
Leadspace aggregates, cross-checks, and verifies data from multiple data sources to ensure you have the most accurate B2B marketing data.
Individual & Company
Rather than focusing on contact or account information, Leadspace provides high-quality, actionable intelligence on both individuals and companies.
Data & Scores
Leadspace processes its vast breadth of B2B data with artificial intelligence (AI), to help target, qualify, engage, route, and convert leads.
Comprehensive Coverage
Rather than providing data from one homegrown database, your AMP should aggregate multiple data sources to provide you with the widest available market possible.