Understand and Engage
Your Audience
Throughout the Funnel

Use accurate, real time data and
intelligence to optimize every stage
of your marketing and sales funnel.

Leadspace Audience Management Platform enables B2B marketing and sales to understand and engage with their customers at every stage of the funnel.

Find more qualified prospects

To connect with your audience you need to understand who they are and what they care most about. It’s not just a matter of sending all your leads to advertising, lead nurturing or sales; you have to choose the best leads that will engage and connect with your brand at every stage of their buyer journey.

Leadspace provides all the data and intelligence you need to increase your pipeline with the right leads.

  • Discover your ideal customers. Understand who your most profitable buyers are; analyze previously unknown audience segments.
  • Find decision makers in target accounts.
  • Segment your audiences by buyer persona, predictive score or dozens of other characteristics.
  • Export audience segments to use in your Marketing campaigns. Segments can be customized per channel, product or buyer persona.

Increase Engagement

To translate your marketing strategies into successful campaigns and activities, you need to keep your audience engaged, and place tailored messages in front of the right buyers at the right time.

Leadspace data and intelligence give you a deep, 360-degree understanding of each audience, with insights you can’t get from form fills or other B2B contact databases.

  • Enrich leads and accounts in real time, with 80+ fields of highly accurate insights, to power your marketing campaigns.
  • Auto-segment leads to understand characteristics of each segment, and remove the manual process of list building.
  • Score by propensity to convert, prioritizing leads and accounts by their likelihood to buy.
  • Keep learning with AI – Leadspace Artificial Intelligence constantly refines your intelligence, by assessing results and keeping up with evolving data.

Optimize Conversion

To make marketing and sales ops efficient, marketing must consistently and rapidly qualify leads, send the best leads to sales and convert them into opportunities.

Combine unparalleled data and intelligence coverage with Artificial Intelligence to optimize your conversion rates.

  • Qualify and route the right leads faster, by filtering leads passed to sales by buyer persona, predictive score, geography, industry and revenue size.
  • Match leads to account, so leads go to the right account owner automatically, every time.
  • Immediate access to account and lead intelligence means no more “black box” scores. Sales also see scored accounts and leads, along with reasons for the score. Accurate contact details include precise site-level location.

Create Your Space

From the millions of potential buyers of your product, Leadspace helps you focus on the buyers who are most likely to purchase your product.

Real-time at Scale
Action on the data and intelligence in cross-channel marketing campaigns in real-time.
Single Source of Truth
Leadspace aggregates, cross-checks, and verifies data from multiple data sources to ensure you have the most accurate B2B marketing data.
Individual & Company
Rather than focusing on contact or account information, Leadspace provides high-quality, actionable intelligence on both individuals and companies.
Data & Scores
Leadspace processes its vast breadth of B2B data with artificial intelligence (AI), to help target, qualify, engage, route, and convert leads.
Comprehensive Coverage
Rather than providing data from one homegrown database, your AMP should aggregate multiple data sources to provide you with the widest available market possible.