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Predictive Analytics Platform

Leadspace provides the advantages of artificial intelligence, predictive analytics and B2B data management to help you find and engage with prospects who are ready to buy. 

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Find your ideal buyers. All of them.

  • Minimize guesswork with predictive analytics that zeroes in on top prospects.
  • Customize Leadspace for your business to identify your best prospects based on their match to your best customers.
  • Build lead lists instantly and prospect for target accounts in real time through the smartest blend of social, web, and structured data sources.


Five9 added almost $9mm in pipeline in a single campaign

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Rank your prospects with real-time predictive analytics. Act on leads with confidence.

  • Score individuals and companies with the Leadspace Ideal Customer Profile, a custom predictive model created just for you.
  • Use everything to your advantage—your data, your insights, and your unique knowledge about your customers.
  • Flag ready-to-buy prospects in real time, based on factors like how often they’ve visited your website or responded to a campaign.


Top enterprise companies use Leadspace Predictive Scoring

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Know everything about your leads.

  • Leadspace’s proprietary enrichment technology fills in the gaps. Instantly know what your leads need and want, who they are, and what they’re going to do next.
  • Real-time and continuous enrichment tracks rapidly changing indicators from the most reliable data sources and the social and open web, keeping lead data and scores accurate.
  • Leadspace refreshes your lead database, helping you reinvigorate cold accounts.

Leadspace delivers the single source of truth about a person and her company

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Time to Value

Get up and running and see actionable results in three weeks. Target your ideal buyers immediately with three simple steps:

1. Gather your internal lead data.

2. Design your Ideal Customer Profile.

3. Target your next customers.

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