Leadspace Audience
Management Platform

Connect with your customers like never before.
Data, intelligence, and action in one place

B2B marketers shouldn’t have to worry about data all day – they should be able to get all the insights they need to create effective campaigns and reach their customers, on a single platform.

So we built it.

AUDIENCE DISCOVERY: See all your buyers – at once

Discover new prospects who resemble your best customers. Understand precisely who your ideal customers are, and how best to engage and convert them.

There’s a world of potential out there, but how can you keep generating new, qualified leads if you don’t know who to look for, where, and what messages will resonate with them most effectively?

Leadspace Customer Data Platform unlocks your business’s full potential by discovering your best buyers – whether you currently know them or not. Leadspace taps into your known and unknown audiences, prioritizes your best accounts and leads, and exports custom audience segments to use in multi-channel marketing campaigns.

All data is clean, accurate and enriched in real time, which means more qualified leads, increased engagement, and optimized conversion.

AUDIENCE DATA MANAGEMENT: Solve your data woes

Leadspace Audience Data Management enriches inbound and existing databases with the most comprehensive and accurate B2B marketing data.

Batch-and-blast marketing, if it ever worked, is a thing of the past. Today’s B2B audiences expect you to speak to them and their needs directly. To market so personally, you need a 360-degree view of every customer.

Leadspace combines your first-party data with third-party data, contact databases, social profiles, intent data, and data on the open web. That information is all cross-checked and verified, in real time, to ensure the highest possible level of accuracy. It’s then integrated into your marketing technology stack, ready for use in cross-channel campaigns.

AUDIENCE MODELING: AI for human businesses

Your business isn’t standing still – it’s growing, learning and adapting all the time. Your data should be doing the same.

Leadspace Customer Data Platform applies advanced artificial intelligence (AI) to find names, match leads to accounts, segment by buyer personas, and surface the next best leads and accounts to target. You’ll make sense of all your data and make better decisions about your marketing and sales campaigns.

The scoring models are dynamic, just like your market. Our platform continuously evaluates audience engagement with your campaigns to learn from what works and what doesn’t. Those insights are then used to further refine your audience intelligence, enabling you to get the latest intelligence about your market, create up-to-date segments, and optimize future campaigns.

Create Your Space

From the millions of potential buyers of your product, Leadspace helps you focus on the buyers who are most likely to purchase your product.

Real-time at Scale
Action on the data and intelligence in cross-channel marketing campaigns in real-time.
Single Source of Truth
Leadspace aggregates, cross-checks, and verifies data from multiple data sources to ensure you have the most accurate B2B marketing data.
Individual & Company
Rather than focusing on contact or account information, Leadspace provides high-quality, actionable intelligence on both individuals and companies.
Data & Scores
Leadspace processes its vast breadth of B2B data with artificial intelligence (AI), to help target, qualify, engage, route, and convert leads.
Comprehensive Coverage
Rather than providing data from one homegrown database, your AMP should aggregate multiple data sources to provide you with the widest available market possible.