Leadspace Customer
Data Platform

Connect with your customers like never before.
Data, intelligence, and activation in one place

B2B marketers shouldn’t have to worry about data all day – they should be able to get all the insights they need to create effective campaigns and reach their customers, on a single platform.

So we built it.


Create cohesive, personalized customer experiences with targeted digital ad campaigns.

Leadspace for Ads gives B2B marketers the ability to create highly-targeted, digital ad campaigns using custom audiences to engage the right people across all major ad channels

Our industry-leading CDP combines the broadest set of 1st, 2nd and 3rd party and intent data with AI to generate a single customer profile, recommend target actions and activate across engagement channels.


Batch-and-blast marketing is a thing of the past. Today’s B2B buyers don’t want to be marketed to — they want to be engaged in a relevant way, at the right time.

Leadspace arms your Marketing team with the data and intelligence they need to create high-impact, meaningful engagement with customers and prospects across all channels. Real-time data enrichment keeps your database fresh and relevant, while AI-driven insights like Predictive modeling, Persona modeling and intent scores give you actionable insights into who your next ideal customers are, and how and when to reach them – all plugged seamlessly into your Marketing Automation Platform.

With our turnkey integrations into leading Marketing Automation Platforms like Marketo, Eloqua and HubSpot, you’re free to focus on creating innovative marketing, without the headaches and costs of complex MarTech integrations and tedious, inefficient data management.


To engage with prospects effectively, you need to know them inside-out.

What business pains are they grappling with right now? Who should you be talking to – and how, where and when should you reach out? Is this prospect likely to buy from you, or are they just window-shopping?

With Leadspace for Salesforce, B2B Sales teams have a fast, effective and simple way to  know all this and more – without ever leaving their CRM. Clean and enrich your data with over 80 fields of highly granular information, and activate it using AI-powered customer modeling and intent signals to know who your ideal customers are, and when they’re showing intent to buy.

Create Your Space

From the millions of potential buyers of your product, Leadspace helps you focus on the buyers who are most likely to purchase your product.

Real-time at Scale
Action on the data and intelligence in cross-channel marketing campaigns in real-time.
Single Source of Truth
Leadspace aggregates, cross-checks, and verifies data from multiple data sources to ensure you have the most accurate B2B marketing data.
Individual & Company
Rather than focusing on contact or account information, Leadspace provides high-quality, actionable intelligence on both individuals and companies.
Data & Scores
Leadspace processes its vast breadth of B2B data with artificial intelligence (AI), to help target, qualify, engage, route, and convert leads.
Comprehensive Coverage
Rather than providing data from one homegrown database, your AMP should aggregate multiple data sources to provide you with the widest available market possible.