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Leadspace Customer data platform, b2b cdp, marketing technology How to Choose a B2B Customer Data Platform. Achieving Better Unified Buyer Profiles.

In the last two blogs we’ve discussed how to get the best data together to drive complete, accurate and easily managed buyer profiles. Sales & Marketing teams know that targeting customers with incomplete and siloed data is tricky at best. Having a single, comprehensive view of your customer’s data in one place makes targeting the […]

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Leadspace, b2b cdp, better decisions How to Choose a B2B Customer Data Platform. Achieving Actionable Insights with CDP Decisioning.

Over the last few blogs, we have moved through the process of building out and fueling your CDP, but how do you analyze high-volume data to derive and prioritize those most actionable insights to accelerate business outcome and maximize ROI? How do you determine your next best action? Which segments should you focus on? Which […]

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Leadspace B2B customer data platform How to Choose a B2B Customer Data Platform. Our Vision is All About Enabling Your Mission

A platform vision starts with the scope of the company, the product itself and the ecosystem that is built to enable a thriving market. It’s a description of the essence of the product: what are the problems it is solving, for whom, and why now is the right time to build it. A Product vision […]

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