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  • B2B Needs to Move Beyond Demand and ABM

    Move beyond demand and ABM comparison

    B2B Needs to Move Beyond Demand and ABM The Four Cornerstones of Demand and ABM Transformation Demand and account-based marketers need a new approach to succeed in today’s complex and dynamic business environment. They must connect with more buyers, drive more opportunities, scale their marketing to more accounts, and interpret more interactions than ever before. […]

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  • Find, create and prioritize closeable business.

    Find, Create, and Prioritize Closeable Business Poster Image

    Find, create and prioritize closeable business. The Leadspace Buyer Data Platform is the #1 B2B Customer Data Platform (CDP). Its industry-leading B2B Buyer Data Graph uses tens of thousands of real-time buying signals to build and operationalize a company’s total addressable market, ideal customer profiles (ICP), fit, intent and engagement scoring models. Sales and marketing […]

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  • Sovos Increases Win Rates by 55% Using Leadspace Predictive Modeling

    Case Study - Sovos

    Sovos Increases Win Rates by 55% Using Leadspace Predictive Modeling Sovos is a leading global provider of software that safeguards businesses from the burdens and risks of modern, digital tax enforcement, mainly on transactional taxes like VAT and sales and use tax.

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  • The Leadspace Pipeline Impact Report

    Pipeline Impact Report Take the first step to accelerate pipeline Complete the survey now for your free report. Spend just 10 minutes to answer questions about your company’s use of customer data and we will provide you with an assessment along with best practices gained from helping leading sales and marketing companies. The Leadspace Pipeline […]

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  • 2022 Gartner® Market Guide for Customer Data Platforms

    Gartner Market guide for the features of a Customer Data Platform

    “Marketers’ frustration with disconnected customer data inspired a confusing spectrum of solutions from providers. Digital marketing leaders can use this guide to understand the customer data platform market before making further investments in managing customer data” Per Gartner® 2022 Gartner® Market Guide for Customer Data Platforms “Marketers’ frustration with disconnected customer data inspired a confusing […]

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  • B2B Marketers Must Step Up To Marketing’s New Destiny

    Four forces are converging to creat an inflection point for B2B marketing

    This report introduces B2B marketing’s new purpose, defines new responsibilities, and highlights pivotal mindset shifts for the 21st century B2B marketer.

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  • Bloomreach Sources 78% of Net-New Pipeline with ABM Driven by Leadspace

    Case Study - Bloomreach

    Bloomreach Sources 78% of Net-New Pipeline with ABM Driven by Leadspace BloomReach has created a new technology layer businesses can plug into to increase their products’ and services’ visibility on the Internet. Their core technology—the Web Relevance Engine—uses natural-language processing and machine-learning to algorithmically understand website content and visitors, matching it with demand and intent […]

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  • Revenue by Design – with Katie Linford (Principal Analyst – Forrester)

    Intro slide for the "Revenue by Design" webinar

    Revenue by Design – with Katie Linford (Principal Analyst – Forrester) Choosing a CDP that takes the Guesswork out of Sales & Marketing Submit the form below for access to this Webinar: Resource Abstract Go-to-Market planning and execution is no longer just an art. It’s a science. Watch this webinar with Katie Linford of Forrester […]

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  • Forrester New Wave: B2B Standalone CDPs, Q4 2021

    A Forrester orbit graph displaying leaders in the B2B standalone CDP space

    Key Takeaways: Offers strong capabilities across a wide range of criteria: A key element of the Leadspace solution is its proprietary B2B graph, which leverages the company’s strength as a third-party data provider to optimize data integration, ID resolution, and profile enrichment. Is a best fit for companies that need a comprehensive B2B-focused CDP. The […]

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  • What is a B2B CDP and What Does Leadspace Do?

    Iconography representing the question what a B2B CDP is and what does Leadspace do

    You’ve heard about Customer Data Platforms (CDPs) and how they promise to deliver more personalized and consistent customer experiences. But if you’re a B2B company, you need a B2B CDP. Leadspace is the leading Customer Data Platform for B2B. Join leading B2B companies who have worked with Leadspace to take back control of their marketing […]

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  • Leadspace Fact Sheet

    Leadspace fact sheets on tablet and laptop

    The Leadspace Buyer Data Platform is a comprehensive Customer Data Platform purpose-built for B2B, and is recognized as a leader by Forrester (Forrester New Wave: B2B Customer Data Platforms, Q4, 2021). Our platform unifies data from any source, whether 1st party (internal/proprietary) or 3rd party (external) — with embedded data from 30+ trusted sources built-in. […]

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  • Unified Data: Why It’s Important Right Now

    Intro slide - Unified data, why it's important right now

    Fragmented data is an issue found in businesses across all industries. In fact, it may very well be something your organization is battling with right now. If you have multiple siloed platforms storing data about your customers, but lack transparency across departments, then this is likely the case. And it’s the reason why you need […]

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  • Sample B2B Segmentation Guide

    Intro slide - Sample B2B segementation guide

    B2B segmentation can be a gold mine for marketers, but only if done properly. In this guide, we’ll cover the best data to use for segmenting your ABM campaigns. Learn more by downloading this guide…

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  • UCP Checklist

    Your UCP Checklist

    Creating a unified customer profile is the key to developing B2B Marketing campaigns that are personalized and omnichannel. You can do this by achieving three goals: Unifying customer data f rom all internal systems Tracking customer activities across channels and devices Using the data to deliver personalized experiences

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  • ICP Template

    Your ICP Template

    Developing your ideal customer profile is essential for a successful ABM marketing campaign, but that doesn’t mean it has to be a hard process. To build an ICP that truly reflects the “DNA” of your ideal customer, you’ll need much more granular data than what you have right now in your CRM or Marketing Automation. […]

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  • The 4-Step Scoring Program for ABM Success

    Intro slide to the four step scoring program for ABM success

    Scoring is an important tool for B2B Marketing and Sales. Whether you’re dealing with demand generation, marketing/sales ops, or any form of customer engagement—scoring helps personalize engagement by identifying and prioritizing your prospects, and understanding their business needs. As important as account and lead scoring are for “traditional” demand gen, they’re even more critical for […]

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  • Take Your Data to the Next Level: The Marketer’s Guide to Running a Comprehensive Data Test

    Intro slide - Take your data to the next level, the marketer's guid to running a comprehensive data test

    By now, most marketers recognize that data is one of their most important assets. But obtaining, managing and making sense of your customer data is also one of the greatest challenges facing B2B marketers today. There are so many data solutions out there, with different constellations of offerings, that it’s hard to know which work, […]

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  • The Ultimate Guide to Driving Revenue with a B2B Customer Data Platform

    Intro slide for the ultimate guide to driving revenue with a B2B customer data platform

    The Ultimate Guide to Driving Revenue with a B2B Customer Data Platform The pace of change is just one reason that B2B marketers have fallen behind in using their data. Organizational silos, limited budgets, shortage of time and lack of staff skills all contribute, as does a lack of alignment between Sales and Marketing. B2B […]

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  • Leadspace SmartForms

    Iconography showing the key benefits of Leadspace Smartforms

    Improve conversions and get better quality leads by injecting the power of the Leadspace CDP into your web forms. You don’t have to choose between inbound lead quantity and quality. SmartForms validates and enriches every lead from your website forms, in real-time, so you can make your forms as short as possible and still get […]

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  • Leadspace for Marketing Automation

    A quote by Eric Lewis - With Leadspace, we have built the next generation of demand generation technology and process. Leadspace gives us a huge competitive advantage, now and for the future.

    All the data and intelligence you need to execute highly targeted, personalized marketing campaigns. A Marketing Automation Platform is critical for demand generation. But the sheer volume of data, often inaccurate or outdated, can hold you back. Leadspace for Marketing Automation helps you reach and exceed your Marketing goals, by activating Leadspace B2B Customer Data […]

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  • Leadspace for Salesforce

    A quote by Jon Jagelsky - With Leadspace for Salesforce we're confident we're targeting the right prospects with the right offerings, throughout the Sales funnel.

    Close bigger, better deals and shorten Sales cycles — without leaving your CRM Leadspace for Salesforce provides on-demand insights into who your ideal customers are, where they are located,when to reach out, and how to convert them. This means: More efficient and precise sales operations—from territory planning, to lead-to-account matching and lead routing, to mapping […]

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  • Master your Account Hierarchies, Master your Go-to-Market Efforts

    Iconography showing the path of problems when trying to understand your go-to-market efforts

    Solving the B2B Data Mess with Leadspace Account Mastering… Many companies deal with messy data that makes it hard for sales and marketing teams to do their jobs effectively. Even teams with the best tools often find the customer data available in their CRMs or MAPs isn’t much better than that found in the messy […]

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  • Leadspace B2B Customer Data Platform

    A graphical representation of a unified B2B graph

    The Leadspace CDP is a comprehensive platform purpose-built for B2B, and recognized as a leader by Forrester (Forrester New Wave: B2B Customer Data Platforms, Q2, 2019). Our platform unifies data from any source, whether 1st-party (internal/proprietary) or3rd-party (external) — with embedded data from 30+ trusted sources built-in. The CDP applies AI to create unified profiles […]

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  • Get in Front of In-Market Buyers with with Intent Data Nurtures

    Slide from webinar of "Do you want the whole pie, or just a piece"

    In this Webinar, Jim Hopkins (Marketing Director, Leadspace), talks about getting in front of in-market buyers with intent data nurtures, specifically data-driven tips and tricks based based on real world experiences from the front-lines.

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  • CDP: Is it Really Your Single Source of Truth for Sales and Marketing?

    B2B CDP slide - Know, Target, Act

    This webinar explores many angles of the CDP ecosystem with unparalleled experts in this explosive field. From origin stories to the future of CDP as an industry, you won’t want to miss the esteemed presenters David and Amnon elaborate on just how powerful a tool the Customer Data Platform can be.

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  • AI-Power your GTM

    Introduction slide for AI-Power your GTM featuring Amish Sheth, Alex Brumas, and Marge Breya

    Learn how to The top B2B SaaS players in the world are doing things differently. Watch this 30-minute webinar discussion on their best practices to understand how they:  Unleash pipeline with the most robust 3rd party data enrichment. Increase conversions with real-time data unification using 1st & 3rd party data and intent scores to accurately target audiences […]

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  • Mergers & Acquisitions at a High Level: Why do Companies Perform Mergers & Acquisitions?

    Slide for M&A as a growth strategy

    M & A really is a viable growth strategy. The diversification of offerings is critical once you reach a certain stage of growth. Organic demand really only takes you so far. Tune in to the webinar below for a deep dive on M & A.

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