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  • Are You Wasting Your Salespeople’s Time? Apply Weighted Engagement Scores in Marketing

    Leadspace b2b customer data platform, engagement scores

    An engagement scoring model is often the signature move for a demand generation team – and they’ve been around for a long time in the marketing world. Most campaign teams use them as a way to understand when a “lead” is ready to be routed to sales. Some teams use simple off-the-shelf models from their […]

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  • AI Persona Scoring – When Job Title Guesswork Doesn’t Work

    Leadspace persona score

    A persona refers to a representation of a user or buyer segment that is created to better understand and design for the needs, behaviors, and preferences of that group. Persona creation is common in fields like marketing, user experience (UX) design, and customer service. It’s especially useful in sales and marketing when it comes to […]

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  • Lead Conversion Starts with Signals – Use Fit Scoring or Lose Business!

    Identifying the best leads is essential for any company’s success as it helps focus resources and efforts on prospects most likely to become customers. In marketing, we have limited resources (employees, money, time) – we rarely have the ability to “spray and pray” with our sales & marketing efforts. Going at the wrong person before […]

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  • Relying on Intent Data Alone: More Harm than Good?

    leadspace b2b customer data platform

    Three out of four B2B sales and marketing teams rely on intent data to prioritize ABM outreach. Intent data is incredibly important as it provides insight into which companies are searching for you – i.e. which companies are demonstrating some level of intent to use your type of product (or specific product). While that’s useful […]

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  • Revenue Radar™: Finding the Right Buyers with Engagement Scores

    audience engagement

    Throughout this Revenue Radar blog series, we’ve discussed how to use Leadspace predictive AI models to determine the companies within your Total Addressable Market (TAM) who need your product (highest Fit scores), which of those companies are actually ready to buy your product (Intent scores), and which buyer Personas are best for you to pursue […]

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  • Revenue Radar™: Finding the Right Company Using Intent Scoring Models

    Leadspace intent model, customer data platform

    Finding the right type of companies within your TAM that need your product is a huge step towards closeable business, but you still need to figure out which of those companies are actually ready to buy your product – this is where intent comes into play. We can determine intent by a company’s search activities. […]

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